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MULTIMEDIA: Owen Nicholas Topics

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Owen Nicholas Topics
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Owen Nicholas
#6 Piracetam - is it the smartest of the smart drugs? by Owen Nicholas

Piracetam has been around since the 1960’s and is regarded as a pioneer “smart drug.”  It enjoys a popular, international following, its record as a treatment for cognitive disorders is impressive, and scientific exams haven’t flagged any dangerous side effects. But is Piracetam truly the intelligence booster many of us eagerly want?

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Owen Nicholas
The Transcension Hypothesis: An Intriguing Answer to the Fermi Paradox? by Owen Nicholas

Ever since Enrico Fermi questioned back in the 1950’s why, if a multitude of civilisations are likely to exist in the Milky Way, no sign of their existence in the form of probes or spacecraft has ever been detected, scientists and critical thinkers have struggled to resolve the problem by supplying a host of inventive arguments with mixed reception.

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Owen Nicholas
Pirate Party Wants Copyright Laws to “Walk the Plank”! by Owen Nicholas

In an age where the mainstream media is quick to label any dissenting opinion as controversial, dangerous, and a threat to the natural order, it is perhaps surprising that such an unorthodox, radical organisation as the Pirate Party should have achieved such popular electoral support over the past 6 years.

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Owen Nicholas
Make Me SuperHuman - the Top 10 Enhancements I Crave by Owen Nicholas

Here’s a list of enhancements I would appreciate having, and I expect they’ll all be available in my lifetime. I begin with my 10th choice, and conclude with the #1 upgrade that I desire the most. What super-enhancement would you like to have?  Do you want what I want, or something even more incredible?

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Owen Nicholas
Elite Sports and the Enhancement Debate by Owen Nicholas

With the Olympic Games fast approaching, in all of its ritualised pomp and ostentation, doping in sport has once again become a hot topic for social commentators and pundits to chew over in regards what is seen as acceptable forms of enhancement and the kind which is seen as warranting public condemnation.

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Owen Nicholas
Sex Work – Demeaning Practice or Basic Human Right? by Owen Nicholas

As one of the world’s oldest professions, prostitution has historically often been relegated to the dark corners of human society, scarcely mentioned and generally ignored as much as possible. When it does emerge into mainstream discourse it is inevitably followed by the predictable group polemics which accompany almost every social issue of our time, generating fierce and often entrenched debate across the political spectrum.

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Owen Nicholas
The Top Ten Best Science Fiction Movies by Owen Nicholas

Since the arrival of the internet innumerable lists have been made of the greatest science fiction films of all time, and reading them has provided a pretty good indication of how diverse and multi-faceted the genre is. As countdowns like these will always be essentially personal and subjective assessments on form, theme, cinematic style and general aesthetic appreciation, it’s an almost foregone conclusion that drawing up such lists entails waiting for the wave of criticism, scorn, refutations, approval and ambivalence which inevitably fo...

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Owen Nicholas
Sci Fi Anime: Dark Visions of an Ambiguous Future by Owen Nicholas

From the neon saturated wrecks of post-industrial cities, to isolated colony ships on the edge of human space, Japanese Anime has never shied away from imagining worlds radically altered and eras of rapid cultural change. While it is hard to pigeonhole and generalise Anime, which is less a genre than it is an artistic medium, it is in the realm of science fiction that it truly stands out as a unique platform for exploration.

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Owen Nicholas
Will Iran get to the Moon? by Owen Nicholas

On February 29, 2012, Iran’s Alborz Space Center, with much public fanfare, was opened to the international media for the first time. Situated 40 miles west of Tehran, the space facility is one of the keystones of the country’s ambitious space program, which has plans to land an astronaut on the moon by 2025.

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Owen Nicholas: IEET’s “Intern of the Month”

In mid-February, Owen Nicholas, a recent graduate of Nottingham University in the UK, volunteered to help IEET out as an intern. Since then, he has single-handedly written four essays, including the #11 Most Popular 2012 First Quarter article, “Meditation Boosts the Brain”. Additionally, his recent article, “Will Iran get to the Moon?” has been awarded with a reposting by the World Future Society.