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MULTIMEDIA: Evan Selinger Topics The Outsourcing Illusion: Why Tempting Technology Can Lead to Dangerous Delegation
The Naked Future—A World That Anticipates Your Every Move
Digital Age Etiquette
The End Of Privacy
The Online Funeral

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Evan Selinger Topics
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Evan Selinger
Frank Pasquale unravels the new machine age of algorithms and bots by Evan Selinger

In his book “The Black Box Society,” Pasquale exposes secret algorithms behind the scenes of corporate America.

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Evan Selinger
Philosopher Michael Lynch Says Privacy Violations Are An Affront To Human Dignity by Evan Selinger

Michael Lynch, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Connecticut, was the latest guest-speaker in my Technology, Privacy, and Law class. I asked Lynch to appear so that he could explain why he argues, in places like his amicus curiae brief for ACLU v. Clapper and articles in The New York Times, that some privacy violations are so harmful they’re an “affront to human dignity.” Students, of course, are free to accept or reject this this view. Either way, it’s complex.

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IEET Fellow Evan Selinger, referenced in New York Times New York Times

The NY Times picked up on IEET Fellow Evan Selinger’s concerns over the cognitive and characterological downside to using predictive consumer technology, including the new form of texting available on Apple’s iOS8.

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Evan Selinger
Robot Servants Are Going to Make Your Life Easy. Then They’ll Ruin It by Evan Selinger

Jibo, the “world’s first family robot,” hit the media hype machine like a bomb. From a Katie Couric profile to coverage in just about every outlet, folks couldn’t get enough of this little robot with a big personality poised to bring us a step closer to the world depicted in “The Jetsons” where average families have maids like Rosie. In the blink of an eye, pre-orders climbed passed $1.8 million and blew away the initial fundraising goal of $100k.

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Evan Selinger
The Trifecta of Roommate Selection Technology: Privacy, Prejudice, And Diversity by Evan Selinger

Over at The New York Times, Natasha Singer discusses the pros and cons of universities providing incoming students with online technology that helps them select roommates. She does a great job of identifying salient points. But I think it’s important to augment the story by adding some remarks on privacy and prejudice.

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Evan Selinger
Why We Should Be Careful About Adopting Social Robots by Evan Selinger

Although Jibo, designed by MIT professor Cynthia Breazeal to be the “world’s first family robot,” isn’t set to ship until 2015, folks are already excited about this little bot with a “big personality.” While there’s much to be said for Breazeal’s vision of “humanizing technology” so that the smart home of the future doesn’t “feel cold and computerized,” we might want to pause a bit before rushing to build the type of world depicted in the movieHer. A...

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Evan Selinger
How to Stop Facebook From Making Us Pawns in Its Corporate Agenda by Evan Selinger

You didn’t know it, but Facebook used some of you to manipulate your friends. Even though you can’t anticipate how a company will integrate your data into its undisclosed activities, you’re still unintentionally providing grist for the manipulation mill.

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Evan Selinger
You’ve Been Obsessing Over Your Likes and Retweets Way Too Much by Evan Selinger

The digital age version of the proverbial tree falling in the woods question is: Does something exist if it hasn’t been liked, favorited, linked to, or re-tweeted? According to many tech critics, the tragic answer is no. Like Lady Gaga, we live for the applause. But if constantly chasing other people’s approval is a shallow way to live that leads to time and energy being wasted over pleasing others and recurring feelings of insecurity and emptiness, how can we course correct?

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Evan Selinger
Satire’s corporate takeover: Community,Silicon Valley and the entertainment-industrial complex by Evan Selinger

As TV turns increasingly to product placement, it’s still trying to pretend it’s in on the joke. Here’s the problem More than 20 years ago, David Foster Wallace lamented that television had co-opted irony, using the medium to flatter viewers into believing they were smarter than the rest of the naïve public – all the while lulling them into consuming more and more of the products advertised on television, just like everyone else. While irony perhaps has gotten an unduly bad rap, Wallace was ab...

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Evan Selinger
Too Titillating For Twitter: Why Outsourcing Social Media Participation Is Disconcerting by Evan Selinger

The Los Angeles Times just updated the design of its online edition. One of the new features is called “sharelines,” and it’s basically summaries appearing at the top of articles that readers can click on to instantly tweet out. Even the editor’s super-succinct note introducing the changes begins with three of these talking points!