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Tsvi Bisk Topics
Technopolitics > Sociology > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk
Tsvi Bisk
Kneeling is NOT Disrespecting the Flag by Tsvi Bisk

Given that our emergent technologies have provided the entire human race with a ringside seat to the horrors of recent weeks, on the streets of the United States, it is entirely appropriate that the ‘pages’ of IEET reflect on the issue of kneeling NFL players, but do so in a deeper philosophical manner.

Technopolitics > Philosophy > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk
Tsvi Bisk
Cosmodeism: Prologue to a Theology of Transhumanism by Tsvi Bisk

Introduction Freud’s disciple, Otto Rank once wrote that the “need for a truly religious ideology … is inherent in human nature and its fulfillment is basic to any kind of social life”. If Transhumanism is to become a universal phenomenon it must include what Jung called a divine drama that is universally compelling.

Technopolitics > Sociology > Rights > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk
Tsvi Bisk
The Future of the European Union by Tsvi Bisk

The present crises of the EU (70 years after its creation) are in large part a consequence of absorbing three former fascist countries (Greece, Portugal and Spain) and eleven former communist countries, whose economies, standards of living and political cultures lagged behind the 13 more politically and economically advanced countries. The internal migrations towards a better standard of living from the 14 to the 13, in addition to the refugee crisis, have been major contributors to the dissatisfactions that led to Brexit as well as the rise...

Rights > Economic > Vision > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk > Sociology
Tsvi Bisk
BREXIT – some historical perspective by Tsvi Bisk

Historical Comparison In 1861 – 72 years after the ratification of the Constitution in 1789 – the southern states of the United States exited the American Union. In 2016 – 70 years after Winston Churchill first called for the establishment of a United States of Europe in 1946 – Great Britain exited the European Union.

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Tsvi Bisk
Scenario 2099: Rewilding, Population Implosion, Artificial Photosynthesis, and - Global Cooling? by Tsvi Bisk

Howard Nathan was reading his hologram news “paper” at breakfast (funny how archaisms survive, he thought— there hadn’t been paper newspapers for well over 50 years). It was December 2099, and the pundits had begun to pontificate about the new century. The headline “Worried Environmentalists” caught his eye; it was an article about the impending manmade Ice Age and the disappearance of the world’s deserts.

Vision > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk > Sociology > Philosophy > Futurism
Tsvi Bisk
The Tyranny of Mathematics by Tsvi Bisk

”…mathematics…ought only to give definiteness to natural philosophy, not to generate or give it birth.” [1] Francis Bacon

“So far as the laws of Mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain. And so far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”- -Albert Einstein, Geometry and Experience

While the postmodernist social scientist often uses the language of words to obfuscate, the postmodern ‘hard sciences’ scientist sometimes appears to use the language of mathemat...

Affiliate Scholar > Rene Milan > Steve Fuller > Nikola Danaylov > Tsvi Bisk
New IEET Affiliate Scholars: Nikola Danaylov, Steve Fuller, Rene Milan, Tsvi Bisk

IEET is proud to announce that four of our writers have accepted appointments as Affiliate Scholars - Nikola Danaylov, Rene Milan, Steve Fuller, and Tsvi Bisk.

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Tsvi Bisk
Understanding Obama and the Iran Nuclear Deal by Tsvi Bisk

The following is a thought experiment: an attempt to understand the Iranian deal by way of logical speculation regarding the issues and facts as perceived by the Obama administration.

I am assuming that Obama is not a Marxist/Islamist/Kenyan, consumed by post-colonial resentment and dedicated to destroying the Constitution and the United States. Nor a Black Nationalist anti-Semite, whose most important priority regarding Iran is to screw Israel. I am assuming he is a patriotic American who desires to be a historically great Presiden...

Rights > Vision > Contributors > FreeThought > Tsvi Bisk > Philosophy > Psychology
Tsvi Bisk
Arguing with a Dead Man (Christopher Hitchens) – Defending Monotheism by Tsvi Bisk

This is a letter to the late Christopher Hitchens, disputing his take on the historical role of the concept (not the reality) of monotheism as being utterly evil. It posits that monotheism played a vital role in the development of science, constitutionalism and social justice – that Occam’s Razor (vital to the development of both science and constitutionalism) is historically dependent on theological disputes ‘proving’ the existence of one god.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Contributors > FreeThought > Tsvi Bisk > Disability > PostGender
Tsvi Bisk
The Case for Circumcision by Tsvi Bisk

Over the past several years the Jewish custom of male circumcision, in which the foreskin of the penis is removed, has been increasingly compared to female circumcision, in which the clitoris and sometimes the labia are removed, and condemned as genital mutilation. This comparison demonstrates an abysmal ignorance of anatomy. The clitoris is analogous to the penis and the labia to the scrotum which are certainly not removed in male circumcision. The foreskin is comparable to the clitoral hood which is sometimes removed surgically in women in...