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MULTIMEDIA: Valerie Tarico Topics Recovering From Religion
Catholic HealthCare Your Only Choice!
Why The God Hypothesis is Obsolete
How Beliefs Change - Christianity and Cognitive Science

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Valerie Tarico Topics
Rights > BodyAutonomy > ReproRights > Contributors > Valerie Tarico
Valerie Tarico
No, Birth Control Isn’t Dangerous. But Guess Who Wants You to Think It Is. by Valerie Tarico

Headlines and hype can leave women wondering what’s real and how best to take care of their health.

Rights > BodyAutonomy > ReproRights > Contributors > Valerie Tarico
Valerie Tarico
How to Talk with Your Kid about Abortion—Especially Your Abortion by Valerie Tarico

In coming decades, better birth control like long-acting IUDs and implants may make elective abortion virtually obsolete. But for now, unsought pregnancy is still painfully common; over a million American women have an abortion each year.

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Valerie Tarico
Putin’s Puppets? How a Russian Information-Age Disinformation Campaign Trumped America’s by Valerie Tarico

Russia captured the electoral college by manipulating information flow. Was the U.S. election an information-age coup?

Rights > HealthLongevity > Contributors > Valerie Tarico > ReproRights
Valerie Tarico
Should Couples Who Want Healthy Babies Deliberately Expose Themselves to Zika by Valerie Tarico

For a woman who wants to safeguard against fetal brain damage from Zika, the surest protection may be a Zika infection that begins and ends prior to pregnancy—but questions remain about some adult risks.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Vision > Contributors > Valerie Tarico > FreeThought > Sociology
Valerie Tarico
Liberalism’s Great Challenge: How Can We Critique Ideas while Protecting People? by Valerie Tarico

Secular and reformist Muslims plead that we learn to tell the difference between analyzing ideas and attacking people.

When Islam is at question, members of the American Left and Right race into opposite corners. After the Orlando nightclub massacre, to cite one recent example, conservatives spewed anti-Muslim invective to the point that ordinary American Muslims were afraid to leave home.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Contributors > Valerie Tarico > FreeThought > Enablement > Innovation > ReproRights
Valerie Tarico
Mens Health Week: One Doctor Thinks We Should Be Talking about Better Birth Control for Guys by Valerie Tarico

Dr. Stephanie Page at the University of Washington talks about why male birth control matters.

The Centers for Disease Control declared June 13 to 19 of 2016 as “National Men’s Health Week.” If it was Women’s Health Week, media experts would be talking a lot about sexual health and, especially, how women can safeguard against ill-timed or unwanted pregnancy. But for guys, pregnancy prevention is not even on the list, which instead emphasizes sleep, tobacco, food choices, and exercise.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Contributors > Valerie Tarico > Innovation
Brynn Arborico
Trading Modern Medicine for Cheap Meat by Brynn Arborico

How our dwindling antibiotic supply is misspent in agriculture and what we must do to stop it

A “superbug” resistant to all known antibiotics has surfaced in the United States for the first time, in a woman being treated for a urinary tract infection. Unless radical changes are made in how antibiotics get used, doctors fear that the near future may take us back a pre-antibiotic pattern of death by infection. 

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Contributors > Valerie Tarico > FreeThought > Enablement > ReproRights
Valerie Tarico
Better Birth Control for Men – How Would It Work? What’s in the Pipeline? by Valerie Tarico

Most people think of contraception as an issue of women’s health and rights. But for millennia, men too have wanted choices—the means to decide whether, when, and with whom they father a child.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Contributors > Valerie Tarico > FreeThought > ReproRights
Valerie Tarico
Why Woman-as-Abortion-Victim is Even Worse than Endorsing Punishment by Valerie Tarico

Republican attempts to distance from “punishment” instead liken women to feeble minded children, incapable of adult moral agency or responsibility.

If Donald Trump’s comment about punishing women for abortions exposed the bloated belly of the Pro-Life Priesthood, his retraction exposed its sulfur-spewing rear end.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Vision > Contributors > Valerie Tarico > FreeThought > Enablement > Sociology > ReproRights
Valerie Tarico
Abortion Care as a Spiritual Ministry—An Interview with Dr. Willie Parker by Valerie Tarico

What kind of person becomes a full time abortion provider, traveling across state lines to end unhealthy or unwanted pregnancy despite screaming protesters threatening death and damnation? Whatever image you may have in mind, Dr. Willie Parker probably doesn’t fit it.