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MULTIMEDIA: Nikola Danaylov Topics Hamlet’s Transhumanist Dilemma: Will Technology Replace Biology?
Singularity 1 on 1: Compassion is the reason to reverse aging!
Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University
Every Technology Has Both Negative and Positive Effects!
Life, Death and Palliative Care
Gene Therapy is NOT a Monstrous Science / Singularity 1on1
Practopoiesis Tells Us Machine Learning Isn’t Enough
We’re approaching humanity’s make or break period
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Terminator or Transcendence?
Ambition: A Short Sci Fi Film Celebrates the Rosetta Mission (5min)

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Nikola Danaylov Topics
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Nikola Danaylov
Why the politics of the future is technology and technology is the future of politics by Nikola Danaylov

Technology drives change. And, by definition, change turns the world upside down. So it takes a perfectly good blue-blood nobleman and turns him into a pauper. It takes a king and, at best, makes him a ceremonial figurehead with no real power. It takes a shepherd and makes him a laborer, hopefully a member of the middle-class or, occasionally, a capitalist. And so, in the end, technology, as a bringer of change, is about politics. Because, as my undegraduate textbook defined it, politics is about “who gets what, from whom, under what condi...

Technopolitics > Philosophy > Futurism > Affiliate Scholar > Nikola Danaylov
Nikola Danaylov
Why the Future adds 0 and what “Conversations with the Future” is about by Nikola Danaylov

This is the introduction to my bestselling book Conversations with the Future. If you like it, you can buy the book on Amazon:

Why the Future adds 0 and what “Conversations with the Future” is about

“If someone needs directions, don’t give them a globe. It’ll merely waste their time. But if someone needs to understand the way things are, don’t give them a map. They don’t need directions; they need to see the big picture.” Seth Godin

Technopolitics > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Affiliate Scholar > Nikola Danaylov
Nikola Danaylov Soars to No. 1 Best Seller for Conversations With The Future Conversations with the Future: 21 Visions for the 21st Century

Singularity.FM Podcaster and author, Nikola Danaylov was recently recognized as an Amazon #1 International Best Seller for his new book, “Conversations with the Future: 21 Visions for the 21st Century.”

Vision > Affiliate Scholar > Nikola Danaylov > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism
IEET Affiliated Scholar Nikola Danaylov Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Singularity1on1

Singularity 1on1 is an experiment in both podcasting and creative infopreneurship; an opportunity for real growth - both for you and for me. An invitation to challenge me, you and our friends. And a gift of something non-material, something you cannot touch but can be powerfully touched by none-the-less. Something I cannot mail to you right after you press the ‘donate’ button. But something you can choose to receive and carry in your heart. [Just like all truly precious gifts are.]

Rights > Economic > Vision > Fellows > Linda Glenn > Affiliate Scholar > Nikola Danaylov
Nikola Danaylov
The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University by Nikola Danaylov

Singularity University is not about the singularity and is not even a university. It is not about abundance and is not an exponential organization.

Then what is Singularity University about?!

Affiliate Scholar > Rene Milan > Steve Fuller > Nikola Danaylov > Tsvi Bisk
New IEET Affiliate Scholars: Nikola Danaylov, Steve Fuller, Rene Milan, Tsvi Bisk

IEET is proud to announce that four of our writers have accepted appointments as Affiliate Scholars - Nikola Danaylov, Rene Milan, Steve Fuller, and Tsvi Bisk.

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Nikola Danaylov
Calum Chace on Pandora’s Brain: AI is Coming and It Could Be the Best or the Worst Thing by Nikola Danaylov

Pandora’s Brain is one of the most philosophical science fiction novels I have read recently. And since Calum Chace has been a valuable contributor to Singularity Weblog, as well as a great blogger with an interesting and diverse experience in his own right, I thought that he would make a great guest for my Singularity 1on1 podcast. And so I invited him for an interview which turned out to be a very enjoyable conversation indeed.

Rights > HealthLongevity > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Contributors > Nikola Danaylov > Futurism
Nikola Danaylov
Transhumanism Needs to Establish a Meaning to Life by Nikola Danaylov

It is important that the transhumanist movement establish a consensus on the meaning of life. Failure to do so will result in conflict, the extent of which is difficult to predict. As it stands today, transhumanism is a divided movement of various competing interests promoting values which are contradictory in nature. It seems the only agreement the movement has reached thus far is that the proper course of action is to promote the widespread adaptation of transhumanism.

Rights > HealthLongevity > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Contributors > Nikola Danaylov > Futurism
Nikola Danaylov
A Transhumanist Manifesto by Nikola Danaylov

Intelligence wants to be free but everywhere it is in chains. It is imprisoned by biology and its inevitable scarcity. Biology mandates not only very limited durability, death and poor memory retention, but also limited speed of communication, transportation, learning, interaction and evolution.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Bioculture > Contributors > Nikola Danaylov > Disability
Nikola Danaylov
A Tour of the Cryonics Institute by Nikola Danaylov

Chief Operations Officer Andy Zawacki guides us through a tour of the Cryonics Institute (CI) facility as well as the whole process of cryo-preservation – from the moment that legal death is declared to the moment patients are placed in long term storage.