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A.I. Taking Jobs
The PostHuman
Ancient Definitions of Personhood and Difficult Social Precedents

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Kevin LaGrandeur Topics
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Kevin LaGrandeur
Kevin LaGrandeur, New York Institute of Technology – A.I. Taking Jobs by Kevin LaGrandeur

The robots are coming for our jobs.

Kevin LaGrandeur, professor in the department of English at New York Institute of Technology, explains why artificial intelligence is the biggest job killer in our society.

Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur
Does this robot want your job?

Join us on Facebook Live for a discussion with NYIT Professor Kevin LaGrandeur as he argues that the real threat to American jobs isn’t flesh-and-blood foreign workers. It’s robots and computers.

Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur
Kevin LaGrandeur Publishes Op-Ed in USAToday USA Today

IEET Fellow Kevin LaGrandeur published an op-ed on, the country’s top daily paper based on circulation and online viewers.

SciencePolicy > Artificial Intelligence > Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur
Kevin LaGrandeur published new book Artificial Slaves RoutledgePress

Artificial Slaves has just been published in a relatively inexpensive paperback edition.  It won a 2014 Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies Prize, and has been well-reviewed in a number of journals (see below). The attached coupon gives an additional 20% discount.  For more information, please visit the RoutledgePress website.

Rights > Economic > Technological Unemployment > Personhood > Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur > Affiliate Scholar > John Danaher
IEET Fellows Kevin LaGrandeur and John Danaher interviewed on Future of Work

Fellows Kevin LaGrandeur and John Danaher were interviewed by Future Left about the potential impact of automation and computerization on the future of the American workforce.  Their comments are included in an initiative to get theAmerican presidential to address this issue in their platforms, and their comments are also included in an article here.

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Kevin LaGrandeur
Posthumanism and Contemporary Art by Kevin LaGrandeur

The art in MOCA’s Winter/Spring exhibition Stranger, is art of the posthuman era. The idea of the posthuman is a big new philosophical and scientific concept, and big new philosophical or scientific concepts often cause paradigm shifts in the way we think about our world, about ourselves, and about our relation to the universe. And that, in turn, changes art. Which changes us, because art reflects and anticipates our struggles to absorb and assimilate new ideas and how they relate to us.

Vision > Bioculture > Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur > Philosophy > Futurism
Kevin LaGrandeur is organizing a Posthuman Futures conference

IEET Fellow Kevin LaGrandeur is co-organizing a conference at New York University (NYU), titled PostHuman Futures. The event will be held on April 22, 2016.

Vision > Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur > Philosophy
LaGrandeur speaking on Posthumanism at Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art

IEET Fellow Kevin LaGrandeur  has been invited to give the plenary talk and to write the concept essay for the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MOCA) Spring Exhibition, which is focused on Posthumanism.  

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur > Philosophy > Artificial Intelligence > Military
Kevin LaGrandeur
Could Artificial Morals and Emotions Make Robots Safer? by Kevin LaGrandeur

This past summer saw the release of the new film “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Like so many recent movies, the villains in this one were once again killer robots. But the idea of deadly, weaponized robots isn’t just isolated to titillating movie plots. Such machines are already with us, in one form or another, in many places on the globe.

Vision > Fellows > Kevin LaGrandeur > Artificial Intelligence
IEET Fellow Kevin LaGrandeur receives Science Fiction Award

Androids and Intelligent Networks in Early Modern Literature and Culture: Artificial Slaves, the new book by IEET Fellow Kevin LaGrandeur, was awarded Honorable Mention by the 2014 Science Fiction and Technoculture Studies Prize.