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John M. Smart Topics
Affiliate Scholar > John M. Smart
IEET Appoints John Smart as Affiliate Scholar

The IEET is pleased to welcome the well-known futurist John Smart as an Affiliate Scholar.

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John M. Smart
Returning to 1st Century Palestine for Lessons on the Future of Religion: Aslan’s Zealot, 2013 by John M. Smart

I’ve just finished a lovely book, currently #4 on the NYT Nonfiction Bestseller list, that I recommend highly for those seeking to improve their personal spirituality and understanding of religion, Reza Aslan’s Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, 2013. First a personal disclosure: My parents were raised, and they raised their children in the Lutheran branch of Christianity. But like many a learning-oriented youth I had increasing difficulty reconciling the logic and aspirations of modern texts (primarily, the lo...

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John M. Smart
Preserving the Self for Later Emulation: What Brain Features Do We Need? by John M. Smart

Let me propose to you four interesting statements about the future…