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Franco Cortese Topics
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Franco Cortese
Global Trends - The Rising Longevity Industry by Franco Cortese

Biogerontology Research Foundation trustees will attend The Economist conference Ageing Societies 2016 on 29-30th November in London.

Biogerontology Research Foundation UK executives and trustees Dmitry Kaminskiy and Alex Zhavoronkov will attend panel discussions at the Aging Societies conference 2016, organized by The Economist, in London, United Kingdom on November 29-30th 2016.

Affiliate Scholar > Franco Cortese
IEET Affiliate Scholar Franco Cortese Published New Paper Rejuvenation Research

IEET Affiliate Scholar Franco Cortese has published a new paper in the August Issue of Rejuvenation Research with co-author Dr. Giovanni Santostasi of Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University.

Affiliate Scholar > Franco Cortese
IEET Affiliate Scholar Franco Cortese appointed an Affiliated Researcher of the BGRF

The Biogerontology Research Foundation (BGRF), a UK-based charity founded to support ageing research and address the challenges of a rapidly ageing population, announces the appointment of Franco Cortese as a new Affiliated Researcher of the BGRF.

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IEET Affiliate Scholar Franco Cortese Publishes Article in International Journal of Technoethics International Journal of Technoethics

The Technoethical Ethos of Technic Self-Determination

This paper addresses concerns that the development and proliferation of Human Enhancement Technologies (HET) will be (a) dehumanizing and (b) a threat to our autonomy and sovereignty as individuals. The paper argues contrarily that HET constitutes nothing less than one of the most effective foreseeable means of increasing the autonomy and sovereignty of individual members of society. Furthermore, it elaborates the position that the use of HET exemplifies – and indeed even intens...

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Franco Cortese
Victims of Our Age by Franco Cortese

Aging is truly the travesty of our age. It constitutes the largest source of in-principle-preventable death in existence today – a toll of 100,000 real, feeling, hoping and daring human beings lost irreversibly for all time, per day. That’s a million human lives lost every one and a half weeks. A loss equal to the entire population of Canada every year, and to the entire U.S. population every decade. It accounts for three quarters of all deaths globally and for nine-tenths of all deaths in most developed countries. 

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Franco Cortese
Rejuvenation in Religion (Part 2) by Franco Cortese

Part 1 is HERE

We see far less emphasis on depicting immortality as desirable and attainable through the right variety of religious practices and/or moral codes in Norse religion and mythology. We do, however, find in it conceptions of life after death, as well as the notion of significantly prolonged life in the physical world:

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Franco Cortese
Rejuvenation in Religion (Part 1) by Franco Cortese

“Our hope of immortality does not come from any religions, but nearly all religions come from that hope.” ~ Robert Green Ingersoll’s Views on Politics and Religion. Chicago Times, 1879

Is religion at odds with the life extension movement? A resounding yes and no. Religion constitutes at once perhaps the best historical validation of the widespread, longstanding and deep-rooted desirability of indefinite longevity, as well as a non-negligible detriment to the contemporary progress in the field of biomedical gerontology. Insofar...

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Franco Cortese
Recurrent Functional Restoration & Indefinite Functional Perpetuation Of The Central Nervous System by Franco Cortese

Franco Cortese locates the notion of ‘gradual mind uploading’ and the discipline of whole-brain-emulation within the broader methodological context of functionally restorative medicine and functionally perpetuative medicine, characterizing it as a distinct approach within the field of biomedical gerontology and regenerative medicine.

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Franco Cortese
#1 Editor’s Choice Award: Does Advanced Technology Make the 2nd Amendment Redundant? by Franco Cortese

The 2nd amendment of the American Constitution gives U.S citizens the constitutional right to bear arms. Perhaps the most prominent justification given for the 2nd amendment is as a defense against tyrannical government, where citizens have a method of defending themselves against a corrupt government, and of taking their government back by force if needed by forming a citizen militia.

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Franco Cortese
Longevity Logistics: We Can Manage the Effects of Overpopulation by Franco Cortese

By far the most predominant criticism made against indefinite longevity is overpopulation. It is the first “potential problem” that comes to mind. But fortunately it seems that halting the global mortality rate would not cause an immediate drastic increase in global population; in fact, if the mortality rate dropped to zero tomorrow then the doubling rate for the global population would only be increased by a factor of 1.75 [1], which is smaller than the population growth rate during the post-WWII baby-boom.