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MULTIMEDIA: Daniel Faggella Topics Transhuman Impact on Gender and Human Potential
Did the Evolution of the Brain… Evolve Our Morality?
How Can We Safely Build Something Smarter Than Us?
Did the Evolution of the Brain… Evolve Our Morality?
On Existential Risk and Individual Contribution to the “Good”
Tinkering with Consciousness
The Ethics of Human Enhancement

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Daniel Faggella Topics
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Tech Emergence Founder Dan Fagella Announces The Sale Of Science Of Skill NASDAQ

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2017 /Dan Faggella, the founder of Science of Skill, has recently announced the sale of the company for over $1 million. The company was sold to an independent group of buyers from the Cleveland, Ohio area.


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Daniel Faggella
Taming the Human Data Stream by Daniel Faggella

“Big Data” is more of an opportunity than it is a benefit in and of itself. This might hold even more true for data gleaned from the human body itself as it does from the information streams from stock markets and eCommerce.

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Daniel Faggella
Conceivable Collaboration: 4 Examples Combining People & AI by Daniel Faggella

Google’s recent victory against top-ranked Go player Lee Sedol marks another milestone in artificial intelligence development, and though this might be considered “old” news by today’s standard, it’s still a fresh achievement for the AI world. 

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Daniel Faggella
China May Be the Reason that Speech Recognition Takes Off by Daniel Faggella

Google may have DeepMind, but Baidu, China’s homegrown Google, has Deep Speech.

Deep Speech, which debuted in December 2015, is a speech recognition system that uses an artificial neural network to translate audio input directly to transcribed output. By contrast, most speech recognition systems, including Siri, use multiple, engineer-crafted steps to make translations.

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Daniel Faggella
Will a Conscious, Intelligent AI Emerge in Our Lifetimes? by Daniel Faggella

How likely is it that artificial intelligence will achieve a human-level intelligence in the next 10 years, 20 years, 100 years, or for that matter ever? If you know researchers, you know they don’t like to prognosticate about future outcomes.

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Daniel Faggella
How Augmented and Virtual Realities Might Change Productivity Forever in the Next 10 Years by Daniel Faggella

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen some amazing leaps and bounds in human productivity. Our phones are smaller, our internet is faster, and software and hardware automates much of what we used to do manually.

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Daniel Faggella
Will Strong AI Development Weaken or Bolster Humanity? by Daniel Faggella

AI has come a long way since 2010. If you were to travel back in time six years and ask an artificial intelligence researcher about the future of AI, it’s likely he or she would have predicted that it would never reach its full potential as originally envisioned by its founders.

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Daniel Faggella
Why Stopping Killer Robots Is A Battle Worth Fighting by Daniel Faggella

In the 1980s, the movies Terminator and Robocop introduced the world to the concept of the killer robot. While those films and others represented the peak of science fiction for many in the 80s and 90s, in reality, the militarization of robots and development of automated weapons systems has been going on for more than 15 years, according to Researcher and Activist Noel Sharkey. That buildup of weapons, he believes, poses a great danger to society.

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Daniel Faggella
Can A Brain-Machine Interface Bring You Peace of Mind? by Daniel Faggella

Walk into any health food store and you’re sure to find a variety of teas and remedies that offer to soothe your mind or provide an energy boost. In the future, these offerings may seem almost archaic in the wake of advancing brain machine interface (BMI) technologies. According to engineer, inventor and entrepreneur Isy Goldwasser, anyone can stimulate their mental activity through the use of a BMI, and the potential of cranial stimulation of the mind through this technology is just now being unlocked.

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Daniel Faggella
Analog Computing: The Future of Neural Information Processing? - interview with Dr. Bruce MacLennan by Daniel Faggella

Ask pretty much any audiophile their preference between analog vinyl albums and digital compact disks and, odds are, the answer will almost unanimously be record albums produced from analog recordings. However, ask Author and Neuroscientist Dr. Bruce MacLennan about the key to understanding neural information processing and you might be surprised when he answers, “analog computing.”