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MULTIMEDIA: Sebastian Pereira Topics

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Sebastian Pereira Topics
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Sebastian Pereira
Malnutrition reversal: The hidden promise of Biotechnology by Sebastian Pereira

Diet and genomes interact due to the simple fact that nutrition is perhaps the most important environmental factor in human development. The food we eat is the fundamental factor defining our optimal state of health and mental capacity.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Interns > Sebastian Pereira > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Resilience
Sebastian Pereira
The second dead of the small town, final? First dead of the small city by Sebastian Pereira

Anyone who thinks ‘dystopian future’ first conjures the image of a sprawling mega metropolis where some version of a decadent elite, which lives in luxury, is surrounded by legions of the destitute, existing in harsh condition near or at the breaking point. Probable as such a future may be, what no one considers (almost no one) is how things got to that point?

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Sebastian Pereira
The return to a metanarrative: a comeback to ideology by Sebastian Pereira

Modernity was an age governed by one idea, the existence of a transcendental universal truth attainable trough reason. The laws of motion of Newton embedded in the mind of thinkers of all fields the idea that natural laws exists, which in turn rule over aspects of our world, and uncovering them would be of great benefit to humanity, and for the most part that was the case.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Interns > Sebastian Pereira > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Military > SciTech
Sebastian Pereira
The Drone Paradox by Sebastian Pereira

There is an overwhelming trend in the world of warfare today, which is to move combat to remote operated systems first, and then to autonomous platforms, in the very near future. We are told that the precision of these tools is without comparisons in the world and their implementation will reduce casualties (both military and civilians), as well as collateral damage, resulting in a more humane battlefield.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Interns > Sebastian Pereira > FreeThought
Sebastian Pereira
The Empire of Equality and Digital Piracy by Sebastian Pereira

Since the dawn of the new era there has been one phenomenon that has eluded any attempt to restrain it, piracy. As the internet became ever more present in the life of society information flow has serve as the main drive of progress, and with it file sharing and other forms of copyright infringement have evolve.