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MULTIMEDIA: Adam A. Ford Topics Marcus Hutter - AI progress & public perception
Marcus Hutter - The Essence of Artificial General Intelligence
Marcus Hutter - Understanding ‘understanding’
AI in Society - Ethics, Safety, Industry & Governance
AI & the Faustian Bargain with Technological Change - A. C. Grayling
Peter Singer - Ethics, Uncertainty & Moral Progress
The Grand Challenge of Beneficial AI - Stuart Armstrong
Automation in an Accelerating Future - Anders Sandberg
US Government ‘Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence’ Discussion with James Hughes
Will we become posthuman?
The Quantified Self with Anders Sandberg
Moral Enhancement with Andres Sandberg
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow
Ken Hayworth - Verifiable Brain Preservation
Automating Science: Panel at Philosophy of Science

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Adam A. Ford
Physicist Lawrence Krauss: God is a byproduct of your hard-wired narcissism by Adam A. Ford

At the Melbourne skeptic’s meeting in Australia last month, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss was asked whether spiritual experiences could ever be scientifically validated.