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MULTIMEDIA: David Wood Topics Nikola Danaylov and David Wood on Transcending Politics
Politics and Futurism
Overcoming the Obstacles on the Path to Post-Scarcity
Radical Change Lies Ahead
Transpolitica book launch – video recording
What Will Politics Be Like in the Future?
Terminator or Transcendence?
Better political decision-making via better technology?
Robots, Unemployment, and Basic Income
What is a fair distribution of brains?

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David Wood Topics
Technopolitics > Philosophy > Technoprogressivism > Directors > David Wood
David Wood
Fully Automated Luxury Communism: a timely vision by David Wood

It’s a book that’s going to change the conversation about the future.

It starts well, with six short vignettes, “Six characters in search of a future”. Then it moves on, with the quality consistently high, to sections entitled “Chaos under heaven”, “New travellers”, and “Paradise found”. Paradise! Yes, that’s the future which is within our grasp. It’s a future in which, as Bastani says, people will “lead fuller, expanded lives, not diminished ones”:

Technopolitics > Technoprogressivism > Directors > David Wood
This Smartphone Pioneer Is Fighting to Create a Transhumanist Superdemocracy Inverse

David Wood, a man that helped revolutionize communication in the early days of the smart phone, now wants to make the government smarter too. The British transhumanist helped pioneer today’s smartphone industry when he co-founded mobile operating system developer Symbian in 1998, and now he’s calling for changes that would radically rethink how people and politicians interact.

Technopolitics > Psychology > Technoprogressivism > SciencePolicy > Rights > CognitiveLiberty > Fellows > David Wood
David Wood
Pragmatically envisioning better humans by David Wood

Is it possible to significantly improve politics, over the course of, say, the next dozen years, without first significantly improving human nature?

Technopolitics > Technoprogressivism > Rights > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Fellows > David Wood
David Wood
The missing vision by David Wood

The United States of America have voted. In large numbers, electors have selected as their next President someone committed to:

Making it much harder for many types of people to enter the country Deporting many of the current residents Ramping up anti-Islam hostility Denouncing global warming as a hoax Undoing legislation to protect the environment Reducing US support for countries facing hostile aggression Dismantling the US deal with Iran over nuclear technology Imposing punitive trade tariffs on China, likely triggering a trade war Pa...
Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Fellows > David Wood > Sociology > Technoprogressivism
David Wood
Four political futures: which will you choose? by David Wood

Politics is being shaped by our responses to the prospect of accelerating, exponential technological change. Technosceptics deny accelerating change will occur. Technoconservatives accept that accelerating change poses radical questions, and want to stem the tide of change. Technolibertarians believe accelerating change will be for the best, and technology and capitalism just need to be left to work their wonders. Technoprogressives believe accelerating change poses serious risks as well as rewards, and that we can maximize the rewards and m...

Rights > HealthLongevity > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Fellows > David Wood > Technoprogressivism
David Wood
An introduction to tomorrow’s politics by David Wood

Chapter 1 of the Transpolitica book “Anticipating tomorrow’s politics.”

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Fellows > David Wood > Cyber
David Wood
Should some conversations be suppressed? by David Wood

Are there ideas which could prove so incendiary, and so provocative, that it would be better to shut them down? Should some concepts be permanently locked into a Pandora’s box, lest they fly off and cause too much chaos in the world?

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David Wood
Transpolitica Manifesto by David Wood

Transpolitica holds that human society should embrace, wisely, thoughtfully, and compassionately, the radical transformational potential of technology. The speed and direction of technological adoption can be strongly influenced by social and psychological factors, by legislation, by subsidies, and by the provision or restriction of public funding. Political action can impact all these factors, either for better or for worse.

Fellows > Affiliate Scholar > Jon Perry > David Wood
Please Welcome David Wood and Jon Perry

The IEET is pleased to announce the appointment of David Wood as an IEET Fellow and Jon Perry as an IEET Affiliate Scholar. David is a prominent vlogger, H+ Board member, and organizer of the London Futurists. Jon blogs regularly about futurism and economics at Decline of Scarcity and the IEET, and co-produces the podcast Review the Future.