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Countering Objections to Mind Uploading

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Directors Topics
Technopolitics > Psychology > SciencePolicy > Neuroscience > Directors > George Dvorsky
George Dvorsky
Monkeys Learn to Pass a Classic Test For Self-Awareness by George Dvorsky

The ability to look into a mirror and recognize oneself is a cognitive skill we all take for granted, but very few animals outside of humans are able to do it. New research shows that monkeys can be trained to pass the so-called “mirror test,” suggesting that more species may be self-aware than previously thought. It’s a fascinating result, but one that shows how far we are from being able to accurately gauge consciousness in another animal.

SciencePolicy > Public Financing of Science > Safety and Efficacy > Directors > George Dvorsky
George Dvorsky
Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary Is Total Nightmare Fuel by George Dvorsky

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Tom Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), placing the Georgia Congressman in an extremely powerful position as far as the nation’s health is concerned. Given his dubious track record, this appointment is of serious concern.

SciencePolicy > Innovation > Safety and Efficacy > Directors > George Dvorsky
George Dvorsky
Freaky Expanding Pill Stays in Your Gut for Days to Deliver Drugs by George Dvorsky

The problem with pills is that you have to take them on a regular basis. An innovative new pop-up capsule solves this problem by staying in the stomach for days, where it slowly releases medication over the course of an entire treatment.

SciencePolicy > Innovation > Brain–computer-interface > Implants > Directors > George Dvorsky
George Dvorsky
How We Might One Day Communicate With Liquids by George Dvorsky

A new machine designed at Stanford University sends digital messages without electronics, using common household chemicals. Eventually, similar systems could allow tiny devices to communicate inside the body, or be adapted to environments in which traditional electronics break down.

SciencePolicy > Brain–computer-interface > Implants > Directors > George Dvorsky
George Dvorsky
Brain Implant Allows Paralyzed Woman to Spell Out Messages With Her Mind by George Dvorsky

Researchers in the Netherlands have successfully tested a brain implant that allows a patient with late-stage Lou Gehrig’s disease to spell messages at the rate of two letters per minute.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Directors > George Dvorsky
George Dvorsky
This USB Stick Performs an HIV Test by George Dvorsky

Scientists in the UK have developed a USB stick that can quickly and accurately measure the amount of HIV is in a patient’s blood.

Vision > Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity > Technoprogressivism
George Dvorsky
Disturbing Images Show the Extent of Delhi’s Extreme Pollution Emergency by George Dvorsky

Delhi, the capital city of India and home to 25 million residents, is in the midst of an “extreme pollution event.” In other words the city has been overrun with smog—tons of it. Recent photographs show the extent of the problem, which is being blamed on everything from vehicle emissions and crop burning through to smoking and fireworks.

Vision > Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity > Sociology
George Dvorsky
What a Trump Presidency Means for Your Health by George Dvorsky

The future of public health in the United States was a hotly contested topic during the 2016 election, with the presidential candidates making bold promises and several important ballot initiatives up for grabs. Here’s how America voted, and what a Trump presidency means to your health.

Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity > Innovation > Neuroscience
George Dvorsky
Brain Implant Allows Paralyzed Monkey to Walk Again by George Dvorsky

For the first time ever, a neural device has been used to restore locomotion in paralyzed primates. It may be years before clinical trials can begin for humans, but this latest breakthrough marks an important step in that direction.

Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity
George Dvorsky
Health Studies Funded By Beverage Companies Are Dangerously Misleading by George Dvorsky

An analysis of 15 years’ worth of experimental research into the health risks posed by sweetened beverages is raising questions about the impartiality and credibility of studies funded by the soda industry.