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Thomas Damberger Topics
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IEET is now Tri-Lingual - German, French added. Spanish and Italian are next?

IEET has expanded from ten years of English-only essays, to now include articles in German and French. The move represents IEET’s global reach; although we’re a USA-based think tank and non-profit, a significant proportion of our readership is international.

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Thomas Damberger
Quantified Self and Transhumanism – A Means to an End by Thomas Damberger

“Quantified Self” means self-knowledge in numbers. A goal of the Quantified Self is to capture as much data as possible about oneself and save it in digital form. This may be someone’ s weight, but also their finances, calories they burn per day, kilometers they jog, sent or received emails, pulse rate, sleep patterns, number of sexual partners or even the quality of sexual intercourse. Data are registered with special gadgets, such as fitness bracelets or smartphone applications. The digitally recorded data can then be ass...

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Thomas Damberger
Uploading and Autonomy by Thomas Damberger

Transhumanism can be read as an intellectual and cultural movement. The objective of this movement is to enhance the human condition with the use of technological means. Enhancement in the transhumanistic sense goes far beyond everything that is regarded as normal and settled. “Enhancement” is presumably not the proper expression for this context and it should be replaced with the word “increase”.