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MULTIMEDIA: Advisory Board Topics The Binding Problem of Consciousness: Transhuman Debate 2.0
Exploring Transhumanism
Driverless Cars, Hyperloop and 3D Printed Food
Network Society: the coming socio-economic phase transformation
Network Society Interview with David Orban
Direct Democracy
Transhuman Impact on Gender and Human Potential
Did the Evolution of the Brain… Evolve Our Morality?
Could new gene therapies help us live for much longer?
The Future of Work and Death (Trailer)
Instructions for Engineering Sustainable People
Futurist Gray Scott on Artificial Intelligence
Futuristic Now Episode 001
How Can We Safely Build Something Smarter Than Us?
Did the Evolution of the Brain… Evolve Our Morality?

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Advisory Board Topics
Francaise > GlobalDemocracySecurity > CatRisks > Biosecurity > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
Régulation française et internationale en matière de thérapie génique by Marc Roux

Introduction: L’annonce a fait l’effet d’une bombe. Le 26 novembre dernier, He Jankui, chercheur à l’université de Shenzen (Chine) a annoncé la naissance de deux bébés viables dont il a réussi à corriger l’ADN afin de les immuniser contre le VIH. Le scientifique chinois a eu le sens du timing, en présentant ses travaux deux… [lire la suite]

SciencePolicy > Innovation > Advisory Board > Brian Hanley
Brian Hanley
Pan-genomics! Let’s get real-world here. Graphs are just the start. by Brian Hanley

I work with human DNA pathological variants and gene therapy. To me, the current pangenome effort and friends is mostly an academic exercise that won’t matter. Yes, we know that FASTA is limited, but we can combine FASTA files and look at these differences. I do like what Erik and friends have done, and pangenomics is interesting. But, it doesn’t even start to address what really matters. There are other issues that are much more important. For instance:

Francaise > Technopolitics > Technoprogressivism > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
Quel est le rôle du comité d’experts sur le génome humain de l’OMS by Marc Roux

Introduction À la suite de l’annonce retentissante de la naissance de bébés génétiquement modifiés par le biologiste Chinois He Jankui, l’Organisation mondiale de la santé, prise de cours, a réuni 18 experts chargés de participer à la régulation internationale de l’édition du génome humain. Leur mission est de “viser au développement de standards de gouvernance… [lire la suite]

Francaise > Technopolitics > Philosophy > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
Notes de lecture : Transhumanisme, Quel avenir pour l’humanité ? by Marc Roux

Marc Roux nous livre sa critique, essentiellement positive, sur cet ouvrage signé David Doat et Franck Damour, de l’Université Catholique de Lille.

SciencePolicy > Artificial Intelligence > Advisory Board > Alexey Turchin
Turchin et al Publish New Paper on the Simulation’s Termination Risk ArXiv

The main idea is that If we are in a simulation, the most probable type of it either a “Fermi simulation, that is, a simulation which is created by aliens to solve Fermi paradox via simulating possible global risks, or in a “Singularity simulation”,  – a simulation where future AI models its own origin. It means that our simulation will be turned off soon, as at least one of three conditions will be reached:

- It will model a global catastrophe, which is subjectively equal to the termination. - it will reach unkn...

Francaise > Technopolitics > Sociology > Psychology > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
The hedonic treadmill (4/4) : Améliorer notre accès au bonheur ? by Marc Roux

Les processus biologiques qui conduisent au plaisir et au bonheur sont très complexes et sensibles. Quelles conséquences pourraient découler d’une modulation transhumaniste de cette subtile alchimie ?

Francaise > Technopolitics > Philosophy > SciencePolicy > Safety and Efficacy > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
Bébés-CRISPR : Quelles questions éthiques ? by Marc Roux

Position de l’Association Française Transhumaniste sur la récente naissance de bébés dont l’ADN a été modifié par génie génétique en Chine

SciencePolicy > Artificial Intelligence > Advisory Board > Soenke Ziesche > Affiliate Scholar > Roman Yampolskiy
IEET Affiliates Roman Yampolskiy and Soenke Ziesche Publish New Paper on AI Welfare Big Data and Cognitive Computing

In light of fast progress in the field of AI there is an urgent demand for AI policies. Bostrom et al., provide “a set of policy desiderata”, out of which this article attempts to contribute to the “interests of digital minds”. The focus is on two interests of potentially sentient digital minds: to avoid suffering and to have the freedom of choice about their deletion. Various challenges are considered, including the vast range of potential features of digital minds, the difficulties in assessing the interests and wellbeing of sentie...

SciencePolicy > Artificial Intelligence > Advisory Board > Soenke Ziesche

The objective of this article is to identify synergies for two relevant challenges, which are currently faced by the world community, yet addressed separately: The artificial intelligence value-loading problem and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. First, the challenges and their significance are outlined. Subsequently, opportunities and risks are discussed to utilize the Sustainable Development Goals to set the values of an artificial intelligence. History has shown that it is complex to agree on universal and sufficiently sp...

Francaise > Technopolitics > Philosophy > Futurism > Advisory Board > Marc Roux
Marc Roux
Yuval Harari et l’amélioration technique de l’accès au bonheur by Marc Roux

La “roue hédonique” (3/4) : Dans son livre, Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari consacre un chapitre à la manière dont il imagine que notre accès au bonheur pourrait être amélioré par la technique -> Critique.