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Agbolade Omowole Topics
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Stambler and Omowole will speak at World Lumen Congress 2016

IEET Affiliate Scholar Ilia Stambler and IEET contributing writer Agbolade Omowole will be speaking at the World Lumen Congress 2016 in Iasi, Romania, from April 12-17.


Vision > Bioculture > Contributors > Agbolade Omowole > HealthLongevity > Minduploading > Enablement > Innovation > Brain–computer-interface
Agbolade Omowole
Digital, Physical, and Religious Immortality - is there Common Ground? by Agbolade Omowole

I grew up with the mindset to make a difference because life is short. It is said that life is not a measure of your duration on earth, but a measure of your donation to humanity. I have stopped believing that.

There are two ways to live one’s life: by default or by design.  By default, humans grow and become very energetic between ages 18 to 40, after that his/her strength begin to fade. At old age, s/he becomes weak and age related disease make him/her die. His average healthspan is 80 years (in developed countries) and noth...

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Agbolade Omowole
Christians Should Embrace Transhumanism - Four Reasons Why by Agbolade Omowole

The Anti-Christ, the Mark of the Beast, and 666 all refer to a point in time when Christians will supposedly ascend to heaven and those left behind will be tortured by the “Beast.” What is this Beast they fear?

Many Christians define whatever their brain cannot comprehend as a likely “Mark of the Beast.” That is why microchip implants, radical life extension, and transhumanism itself, are often viewed by Christians as the Mark of the Beast.  Some Christians also believe the beast will be a cyborg, half human and half ro...

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Agbolade Omowole
Robosapiens – merging with machines will improve humanity at an exponential rate by Agbolade Omowole

One can’t help be positive about the future. Even obstacles have a bright side. For example - humans at some point will be limited by space and time; we can’t expect to go far in space exploration without the development of strong artificial intelligence and robots.