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MULTIMEDIA: Pedro Villanueva Topics

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Pedro Villanueva Topics
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Pedro Villanueva
The new kindergarten Australis and the pedagogy of modal constructivism. An education for the future. by Pedro Villanueva

This work and proposal emerged under my experience during five years working with children in school Reggio Emilia in Chile, as a teacher of art. My studies were not limited to teaching and experiencing the constructivist experiences with children and create art lesson plans. During this stage in the artistic teaching with young children I began to investigate the pedagogical education and how it could develop and deepen the curriculum or child pedagogy from the cultural point of view and from a contemporary perspective. After collect, study...

Vision > Contributors > Pedro Villanueva > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism
Pedro Villanueva
Alter futurism Manifesto 21 by Pedro Villanueva

Neo Futurism is a movement of the 21st century and developed in the area of design, Urbanism and architecture. This movement could be seen as a deviation from the postmodern attitude. Neo Futurism represents an idealistic belief in the future better. We can read The Neo Futuristic City Manifesto written by Vito di Bari.

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Pedro Villanueva
Looking Toward the Red Planet. Mars Party. by Pedro Villanueva

The school of Economics to Mars is a philosophy economic founded by Pedro Villanueva, that promotes a new economy after the economy of the knowledge that prevails today.

Vision > Contributors > Pedro Villanueva > Philosophy > Psychology > Technoprogressivism
Pedro Villanueva
Pluslectic - the Dialectic of Positive Feedback by Pedro Villanueva

What is the pluslectic? From Latin plus ‎(“more”), added and positive.

A philosophical method that differs from the classical dialectic of Hegel and Marx. Pluslectic philosophy values the input of the positive facts of growth throughout the world.