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MULTIMEDIA: Pedro Villanueva Topics

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Pedro Villanueva Topics
Vision > Contributors > Pedro Villanueva > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism
Pedro Villanueva
Alter futurism Manifesto 21 by Pedro Villanueva

Neo Futurism is a movement of the 21st century and developed in the area of design, Urbanism and architecture. This movement could be seen as a deviation from the postmodern attitude. Neo Futurism represents an idealistic belief in the future better. We can read The Neo Futuristic City Manifesto written by Vito di Bari.

Vision > Galactic > Contributors > Pedro Villanueva > HealthLongevity > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation
Pedro Villanueva
Looking Toward the Red Planet. Mars Party. by Pedro Villanueva

The school of Economics to Mars is a philosophy economic founded by Pedro Villanueva, that promotes a new economy after the economy of the knowledge that prevails today.

Vision > Contributors > Pedro Villanueva > Philosophy > Psychology > Technoprogressivism
Pedro Villanueva
Pluslectric - the Dialectic of Positive Feedback by Pedro Villanueva

What is the pluslectic? From Latin plus ‎(“more”), added and positive.

A philosophical method that differs from the classical dialectic of Hegel and Marx. Pluslectic philosophy values the input of the positive facts of growth throughout the world.