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MULTIMEDIA: Safety and Efficacy Topics Artificial Cognification: In the Future Everything Will Be Smart
Will Superhuman Intelligence Be Our Friend or Foe?
Don’t fear superintelligent AI
Will AI make us immortal?
This Country Is Leading The Robot Revolution
Like It Or Not, Obamacare Affects Everyone
The ethical dilemma of designer babies
A young scientist’s quest for clean water
Could your car be your best friend?
The next step in nanotechnology
The world doesn’t need more nuclear weapons
If Scientific Discoveries Are Dangerous, Should They Be Censored?
How to Ethically Analyze Reproductive Technologies

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Safety and Efficacy Topics
SciencePolicy > Safety and Efficacy > Rights > Economic > Basic Income > Contributors > Cyril Gazengel
Cyril Gazengel
La lente évaporation du travail by Cyril Gazengel

Entre fantasme et réalité

Depuis le début de l’ère industrielle, l’idée du remplacement de l’homme par la machine dans le milieu du travail a fait du chemin, au point de paraître crédible aujourd’hui. En effet, les percées en intelligence artificielle lèvent une inquiétude : et si l’humain devenait obsolète.

SciencePolicy > Safety and Efficacy > Artificial Intelligence > Nanotechnology > GlobalDemocracySecurity > CatRisks > Cyber > Military > Affiliate Scholar > Phil Torres
Phil Torres
Clumsy Fingers Could Pose a Greater Risk to Civilization than Malicious Agents by Phil Torres

When people worry about the dark side of emerging technologies, most think of terrorists or lone psychopaths with a death wish for humanity. Some future Ted Kaczynski might acquire a masters degree in microbiology, purchase some laboratory equipment intended for biohackers, and synthesize a pathogen that spreads quickly, is incurable, and kills 90 percent of those it infects.

Technopolitics > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > SciencePolicy > Innovation > Safety and Efficacy > Rights > CognitiveLiberty > Affiliate Scholar > John Danaher
John Danaher
Algocracy as Hypernudging: A New Way to Understand the Threat of Algocracy by John Danaher

It is a noticeable feature of intellectual life that many people research the same topics, but do so using different conceptual and disciplinary baggage, and consequently fail to appreciate how the conclusions they reach echo or complement the conclusions reached by others.

SciencePolicy > Public Financing of Science > Safety and Efficacy > Directors > George Dvorsky
George Dvorsky
Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary Is Total Nightmare Fuel by George Dvorsky

President-elect Donald Trump has nominated Tom Price to lead the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), placing the Georgia Congressman in an extremely powerful position as far as the nation’s health is concerned. Given his dubious track record, this appointment is of serious concern.

SciencePolicy > Innovation > Safety and Efficacy > Directors > George Dvorsky
George Dvorsky
Freaky Expanding Pill Stays in Your Gut for Days to Deliver Drugs by George Dvorsky

The problem with pills is that you have to take them on a regular basis. An innovative new pop-up capsule solves this problem by staying in the stomach for days, where it slowly releases medication over the course of an entire treatment.

SciencePolicy > Innovation > Safety and Efficacy > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Eco-gov
Dustin Eirdosh
Zen and the art of GMO Policy Making by Dustin Eirdosh

Madagascar is an island known the world over for it’s unique evolutionary pathway. A pathway fated early on from it’s isolated location in the Indian ocean conspiring with it’s natural geological diversity to yield an unimaginably endemic radiation of plant and animalian diversity. Yet this diversity was ‘fated’, as it were, by situational happenstance - not conscious intent. Then, some two-thousand years ago - waves of a species with a most curious cranium began to land on these bleeding red shores.