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Mapping the Brain’s Connectome and Computer Chips in Your Brain
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Challenges to the Idea of Human Identity
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Linda Glenn on The Scientist & the Ethicist

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Linda Glenn Topics
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Linda MacDonald Glenn
A Review of the State of the Future Report 2015-16 by Linda MacDonald Glenn

A Review of The State of the Future Report 2015-16 by Jerome C. Glenn, Elizabeth Florescu, and The Millennium Project Team; The Millennium Project, Washington, D.C.; $39.95 US + shipping (soft cover) and 29.95 (download); 2015.

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Nikola Danaylov
The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University by Nikola Danaylov

Singularity University is not about the singularity and is not even a university. It is not about abundance and is not an exponential organization.

Then what is Singularity University about?!

Fellows > Linda Glenn
New Humanity+ Board Members!

IEET Fellow, Linda McDonald Glenn, Voting Board Member

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Kris Notaro
Live-Blogging the Morning of Day Two of Humanity+ San Francisco by Kris Notaro

Its apoco-raining this weekend in San Francisco, proving that the transhumanists neither see the future clear enough to choose a nice weekend nor have magical evil powers over the natural world. But they do put on incredibly fascinating parties at wild warehouse-cum-commune spaces full of smart technophiles. We had to drag ourselves back in to the conference this morning so we wouldn’t miss Andrea Kuscewski, David Pearce, Ben Goertzel, Jamais Cascio, Ramez Naam and the others folks speaking today.

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Linda MacDonald Glenn
Milton Friedman’s Birthday by Linda MacDonald Glenn

By popular demand, I’ve been asked to post my talk at Milton Friedman’s birthday celebration a few months back.

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IEET Fellow Linda Glenn Publishes “Nanofood” Essay in Northeastern University Law Journal

IEET Fellow Linda MacDonald Glenn JD, LLM  is the co-author - with Lisa D’Agostino - of an bioethics essay entitled “The Movable Feast: Legal, Ethical, and Social Implications of Converging Technologies on our Dinner Tables.”

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IEET Fellow Linda Glenn featured in Washington Post

In the July 13 issue of the Washington Post, IEET Fellow Linda Glenn was featured in Vivek Wadha’s column entitled “Ethics in the age of acceleration.”

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Linda MacDonald Glenn
Ethical and Legal Issues in Human-Machine Mergers, or “The Cyborgs Cometh” by Linda MacDonald Glenn

In this article, I give a real-life case study (in which I was an attorney of record) where human machine mergers bring up several legal and ethical issues, including disability rights. I review some of the literature on this and discuss different practical ways practicing attorneys may approach the issues. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the parties.

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New Special Issue of JET Online: Minds and Machines

After much hard work, the editor of the Journal of Evolution and Technology, Russell Blackford, and IEET Fellow Linda MacDonald Glenn are pleased to announce that the special issue that they have been editing if coming online.

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Linda MacDonald Glenn
Breast Implant Blowout: Failure to Follow Up & Lack of Informed Consent by Linda MacDonald Glenn

I had the pleasure of testifying as a Fellow of the IEET Tuesday afternoon in front of the General and Plastic Devices of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee about long term follow up safety studies and informed consent on silicone breast implants.