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MULTIMEDIA: Anne Corwin Topics Anne on Happiness in a Complex Universe
Must We Truly Fear a “Genetic Divide”?
EIW10 Longevity, Putting the “Fun” in Atypical Functioning, and a Fictional Interlude
EIW9: SENS Edition
EIW8: Meeting Life Extensionists, Personhood, And Why Being Alive Rules
EIW7: H+Terms, Bias, Miscellany
EIW Audio 6: Centenarians, Theory of Mind
Fun With Information

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Anne Corwin Topics
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Thanks to Carrico and Corwin

IEET Fellow Dale Carrico and IEET intern Anne Corwin have given great service to the IEET project and we’re sad to report that they won’t be part of the IEET this year.

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Ashley X’s Parents Declare Treatment a Success

In January of 2007 the IEET suddenly doubled its web viewage, and the phones rang off the hook.

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Longevity Dividend Course: April 21-June 29

If we are to begin building an international case for public multi-billion dollar investments in basic research towards the goal of anti-aging medicine we need to know how to answer dozens of public policy questions.

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Anne Corwin
Facing the Quasi-Autonomous Robot Monsters Under The Bed by Anne Corwin

“Autonomous robots” have some people very spooked. But what does it mean to be an autonomous, decision-making entity in the first place?

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Anne Corwin
On Spare Parts and Maintenance by Anne Corwin

I know, I know. We’re not exactly living in the Amazing Exciting Future yet. Nevertheless, headlines like Women More Likely To Postpone New Knees definitely prompt a double-take.

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Anne Corwin
No Singing Allowed: Assumptions and Other Nonsense by Anne Corwin

This week, an autistic sixth-grader in San Jose was handcuffed and suspended for singing during a physical education class.  No, I’m not making this up…you can read the news story yourself.

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Anne Corwin
Science Fiction, Speculation, and Living Machines by Anne Corwin

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I’m a huge science fiction nut (and that this has been the case for practically as long as I can remember).  I grew up being exposed to Star Trek (both the original series and the Next Generation series when that came out), Star Wars (which I became utterly obsessed with at the age of eight), and other miscellaneous media.

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Anne Corwin
Atypical Instruments: Musings on Gaming, Musicianship, and Neuroscience by Anne Corwin

Guitar Hero may not teach you to play the guitar, but it could be really good for your brain.

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Anne Corwin
A Menagerie of Longevity by Anne Corwin

Ageless Animals is a research project devoted to investigating the most long-lived denizens of the animal kingdom.

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Bostrom, Corwin in BBC4’s Visions of the Future

Visions of the Future, the BBC special hosted by physicist Michio Kaku will air as a three-part series starting on 5 November, 2007.  Nick Bostrom and Anne Corwin from the IEET are part of the series, as are many other futurist luminaries such as Ray Kurzweil, Joel Garreau, Jaron Lanier, Paul Saffo and Rodney Brooks.