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Forget Wi-Fi. Meet the new Li-Fi Internet

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Eco-gov Topics
GlobalDemocracySecurity > CatRisks > Eco-gov > Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Staff > Marcelo Rinesi
Marcelo Rinesi
Digital anamnesis and other crimes [short story] by Marcelo Rinesi

A database is a tool for forgetting; it decays on command, faster than nightmares and more thoroughly than graves.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > CatRisks > Eco-gov > Staff > Marcelo Rinesi
Marcelo Rinesi
Urban sensors are for the fog of (climate) war by Marcelo Rinesi

Silicon Valley pitches for smart cities and military descriptions of future battle environments are awfully similar. That’s not entirely coincidental.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > CatRisks > Eco-gov > Contributors > Alexandre Maurer
Alexandre Maurer
Objections #2 : Transhumanisme et risques environnementaux by Alexandre Maurer

Cette partie du livre (Partie 4) liste les objections qui sont faites au transhumanisme, et tente d’y répondre. Dans cet article : les craintes de surpopulation, de surconsommation, de perte de diversité génétique…

Technopolitics > Sociology > Philosophy > SciencePolicy > Innovation > Rights > CognitiveLiberty > Political Empowerment & Participation > GlobalDemocracySecurity > CatRisks > Eco-gov > Vision > Bioculture > Affiliate Scholar > Rick Searle
Rick Searle
Utopia Now! by Rick Searle

Given all the chaos and pessimism lately and in light of the fact that with the inauguration of Trump we will be walking into very dangerous times, it’s perhaps a good moment for a little bit of hope, though the progressive rallies over the last few days certainly make me feel hopeful.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > Eco-gov
George Dvorsky
Renewables Now Exceed All Other Forms of New Power Generation by George Dvorsky

Last year, renewable energy accounted for more than half of all new forms of power generation produced worldwide. It’s an unprecedented milestone for our civilization—one that points to a bright future for solar and wind power.

Rights > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Contributors > Technoprogressivism > Eco-gov
Stephen Yearwood
A Way Forward by Stephen Yearwood

In its “Vision”statement IEET says that the “liberal democratic revolution” is “still growing strong.” These days, it is difficult to find evidence in support of that statement.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Directors > George Dvorsky > Eco-gov > Resilience
George Dvorsky
The First Nuclear Power Plant in Belarus Is a Dangerous Fiasco by George Dvorsky

In July, construction workers at the Astravets nuclear power plant in Belarus dropped a 330 ton reactor shell. Weeks went by before the government admitted an “abnormal situation” had occurred, prompting international concerns about safety at the Russian-built facility—and the Belarusian government’s unwillingness to disclose information in a timely manner.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Directors > George Dvorsky > Eco-gov
George Dvorsky
Rising Sea Levels Threaten Nearly a Trillion Dollars Worth of US Homes by George Dvorsky

Real estate database company Zillow is warning that nearly 1.9 million homes in the United States could be flooded by the end of the century. That’s about two percent of the nation’s total housing stock, amounting to $882 billion in value.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Directors > George Dvorsky > HealthLongevity > Eco-gov
George Dvorsky
Global Warming Will Make It Nearly Impossible to Hold the Summer Olympics by George Dvorsky

Olympic organizers have made climate change a central theme at the current games—and for good reason. A sobering new study shows that by the 2084 Olympics, rising temperatures will make it practically impossible for most cities to host the summer games.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Affiliate Scholar > John G. Messerly > Phil Torres > SpaceThreats > Biosecurity > Cyber > Eco-gov > Military > SciTech
John G. Messerly
Review of Phil Torres’ The End: What Science and Religion Tell Us About the Apocalypse by John G. Messerly

Phil Torres’ new book The End: What Science and Religion Tell Us about the Apocalypse, is one of the most important books recently published. It offers a fascinating study of the many real threats to our existence, provides multiple insights as to how we might avoid extinction, and it is carefully and conscientiously crafted.