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Perspectives on the New Life Technologies
“Personality Transfer” William Sims Bainbridge, Ph.D.

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William Sims Bainbridge Topics
Technopolitics > Philosophy > SciencePolicy > Artificial Intelligence > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge
William Sims Bainbridge
Taking Aim: The Problematic Nature of Artificial Intelligence in a Time of Social Conflict by William Sims Bainbridge

Many scientists, engineers, and governments are promoting what they call artificial intelligence, without a thorough critique of the validity of their concepts or evaluation of the harm that could result from implementing them.  Computer science organizations have begun promoting improved ethical standards, but there is little reason to believe that ethics have much power in today’s conflicted world.  Research on the actual ethical, legal and social implications of various kinds of AI is actually quite limited.  How can ...

Vision > Virtuality > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge
William Sims Bainbridge
Is Reality Winner “One of Us?” by William Sims Bainbridge

Amidst the raging chaos in modern advanced nations, aggravated or rendered more visible by emerging technologies, an occasional individual person stands out, now notably Reality Winner.  Her Wikipedia page begins: “Reality Leigh Winner (born December 1991) is an American intelligence specialist employed by Pluribus International Corporation. Winner was arrested on June 3, 2017, on suspicion of leaking an intelligence report about Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections to the news website The Intercept. The report sug...

Technopolitics > Philosophy > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge
William Sims Bainbridge
A Process of Transformation by William Sims Bainbridge

Whether by coincidence or some mysterious cosmic force, May 2017 saw the publication of two books I wrote about the tension and possible partnership between religion and science.  The first was a science fiction novel titled Revival, and the second, a science research monograph titled Dynamic Secularization.  Both were written from the perspective of the radical revolution caused by information technology and computer science, and both postulated that we stand at a turning point in history.  Both also conceptualized human cult...

Vision > Virtuality > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge > Sociology > Philosophy
William Sims Bainbridge
A New Mode of Philosophizing by William Sims Bainbridge

Academic philosophy has been too timid, merely urging its students to read the works of long-dead philosophers.  Rather, each student should temporarily but intensely adopt the personality as well as intellect of a specific bygone intellectual, and live in a challenging virtual environment with that identity.  For my new book Virtual Sociocultural Convergence, just published by Springer, I did that for these social theorists of the past: Edward Gibbon (1737-1794), Edward Jarvis (1803-1884), William James (1842-1910), Robert Michels...

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Vision > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge > Philosophy > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation
William Sims Bainbridge
Death and Transfiguration by William Sims Bainbridge

In a remarkable 2012 IEET blog, “The Praxis,” Dirk Bruere introduced a quasi-religious conception of Transhumanism that not only foresaw the possibility of technological immortality for selfish individuals, but notably suggested that we have the obligation to help each other achieve eternal life, even using advanced technology as best we can to provide salvation to people who have already died:

Vision > Galactic > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge > HealthLongevity > Philosophy > Psychology > Innovation > Brain–computer-interface
William Sims Bainbridge
Transhumanist Therapy VI: The Final Frontier by William Sims Bainbridge

Outer space is said to be “the final frontier,” yet that frontier may have closed while one other remains open: the human mind.  In December 1972 I stood in the midnight darkness on a Florida beach to watch the launch of Apollo 17, the last voyage humans have ever taken beyond the confines of Earth orbit, pondering what it meant for our feeble but ambitious species.

Rights > HealthLongevity > CognitiveLiberty > Vision > Bioculture > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge > Psychology > Neuroscience
William Sims Bainbridge
Transhumanist Therapy V: The Paradoxes of Transcendental Humanism by William Sims Bainbridge

Throughout history, small bands of radicals have attempted to transcend the ordinary limitations of human nature and current society.  Were they brave explorers voyaging into alien realms of the soul and intellect, or fools?  In either case, they apparently failed.  Or did they?  Perhaps we can learn from the past histories of perfectionist movements like Oneida and the Process, both of them precursors of contemporary Transhumanism, and from virtual worlds like A Tale in the Desert that today are building imaginary societ...

Rights > Personhood > Vision > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge > Psychology
William Sims Bainbridge
Transhumanist Therapy IV: The Current Crisis in Psychiatry by William Sims Bainbridge

Although largely ignored by the mass media and traditional intellectuals, a major drama began in 2013 when Tom Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, posted a blog attacking the American Psychiatric Association for the self-serving stupidity of the fifth edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual

Vision > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge > HealthLongevity > Philosophy > Psychology
William Sims Bainbridge
Transhumanist Therapy III: Dimensions of Personality and Culture by William Sims Bainbridge

Among the most powerful traditions in the psychology of personality is the quest for a short list of concepts, whether distinct categories or dimensions of variation, describing human variety.  Some believe we already have the compass required to navigate this OCEAN: Openness to experience (fantasy, aesthetics, feelings), Conscientiousness (competence, order, dutifulness), Extraversion (warmth, gregariousness, assertiveness), Agreeableness (trust, straightforwardness, altruism), Neuroticism (anxiety, angry hostility, depression).  ...

Rights > HealthLongevity > Vision > Fellows > William Sims Bainbridge > FreeThought > CyborgBuddha > Psychology > Neuroscience
William Sims Bainbridge
Transhumanist Therapy II: A Century of Electronic Psychotherapy by William Sims Bainbridge

While less controversial than it was fifty years ago, psychotherapy is an anomalous feature of modern culture, plagued by defects.  Among its shortcomings, psychotherapy has made remarkably little use of information technologies. This blog considers electronic devices to measure human emotional response, that may have been stigmatized by their use in radical religious movements, or by their origins in primitive attempts a century ago to cure neurotics.  I do not recommend simply adopting those religious or therapeutic practices, bu...