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MULTIMEDIA: Kristi Scott Topics Seeing the Future in a Robot’s Face pt2
Seeing the Future in a Robot’s Face pt1
Constructing the Future through the Cinematic Lens of Dystopic Science Fiction Futures
Truth-telling and Plastic Surgery
First set of IHEU-IEET conference talks online

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Kristi Scott Topics
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Kristi Scott
Where are all the Techno-Progressive Moms?  busy raising the future by Kristi Scott

I see technological issues through the eyes of my three children because they are the next generation.

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Kristi Scott
Transhumanism and Neurophilosophy by Kristi Scott

The recurrence of the word neurophilosophy in articles and appearing in my inbox made me think we should all know more about this fascinating field of study that allows us to peek inside the brain and answer some of history’s greatest theoretical ponderings.

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Kristi Scott
Emerging Threats and Challenges, Bible-Style by Kristi Scott

This is a report from the first annual Future Congress on Emerging Threats and Challenges, held July 22-24, 2011, in Branson, Missouri, which I am attending on behalf of the IEET.

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Kristi Scott
Transhumanism vs. /and Posthumanism by Kristi Scott

After several years of using the terms ‘transhumanism’ and ‘posthumanism’, I have decided that their points of difference and contention are too much to bear. This past May at the Humanity+ conference in New York, I decided I was no longer going to sit on the sidelines and hope that the terms would work themselves out. I wanted to understand what was going on.

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Kristi Scott
Human enhancement technologies are nothing new: It’s what humans do by Kristi Scott

Phillip Brey wrote an article titled “Human Enhancement and Personal Identity” that was published as a chapter in the book New Waves in Philosophy of Technology. This is my critique of Brey’s ideas.

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Kristi Scott
#15: The Future Looks Large and Sexy by Kristi Scott

The body has a lot of change to go through on the path to post-humanity. There is plenty of room for improvement and enhancement.

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Kristi Scott
Posthuman Feminism: Thoughts on Posthumanism and Beauty by Kristi Scott

The first time I heard the term posthuman was in Natasha Vita-More’s “Primo Posthuman.” Her figure fascinated me and I thought I understood what the image meant.

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Kristi Scott
Body parts get options: which one will you choose? by Kristi Scott

Designer body parts took a step closer a reality this week.

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Kristi Scott
You may have made a friend, but did you find a person? by Kristi Scott

I just got done reading a New York Times article titled “Making Friends With a Robot Named Bina48” and it couldn’t be more appropriately timed.

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Kristi Scott
Pandora’s Box gets bleached, tightened & a mint for good measure by Kristi Scott

Generally, I write about enhancement and cosmetic surgeries done to the upper portion of the body. A suggestion came in to turn my attention to the work done below the belt. Apparently, I have been neglecting that region and there were interesting things going on.