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Can We Evolve Fast Enough to Survive?

John G. Messerly

Reason and Meaning

January 12, 2017

In response to my post, “Yes, America Is Descending Into Totalitarianism,” the computer game designer Chris Crawford, shared some good news in yesterday’s post—Trump may be impeached. Later he shared his bad news:


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Posted by instamatic  on  01/12  at  05:27 PM

Can We Evolve Fast Enough to Survive?

The short answer:
Long as we confine ourselves to making small errors rather than large.
Just say, we have 51 percent odds of surviving.

Posted by John G Mess  on  01/17  at  11:13 AM

Martin Rees also thinks are chances are about 50/50. For more see “Our Final Hour”

Posted by MarshallBarnes  on  01/17  at  01:14 PM

The collapse of civilization is what drives the unwarranted belief in Nick Bostrom’s simulation model - Elon Musk has said that for himself, personally. I too believe that future isn’t good but I don’t believe in the simulation assumption argument. What I believe in and why, is documented, with 109 references, in my paper response to Eliott Edge’s pro-simulation article on this site -

Posted by John G Mess  on  01/19  at  11:51 AM

Not sure about the connection between existential risks and Bostrom’s simulation argument. But I do agree of course that we can’t predict the future and don’t know if we’ll go extinct or survive and flourish. Obviously things could go either way.

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