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It’s a wash – the evidence about pornography

Russell Blackford

Ethical Technology

February 13, 2013

Millian liberals are not fond of upstream laws. All things being equal we would, for example, rather ban firing guns at people than ban owning guns. The latter has a far greater effect on people’s liberty (it affects a lot of people who don’t actually fire guns at other people, for example, and it affects a lot of conduct that will not necessarily cause anyone any harm). Putting it another way, we’re wary of laws about indirect harms.


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Posted by Intomorrow  on  02/14  at  10:40 PM

This is the single most bizarre site I’ve seen on the Web:


(the full address can’t be included because the word ‘televictim’ also appears in the URL, thus it’s automatically blacklisted by IEET).
The site can be perceived as scam and put-on; yet there are in fact millions of Christians who escape from their repression by looking at porn—which reinforces the scam and put-on of the site.. such is as clever as it is devious.

Posted by Henry Bowers  on  02/18  at  02:09 PM

Dr. Blackford:  Thanks for the links, but aren’t they ignoring two elephants in the room:  pornography’s effect on marriages, and its influence on promiscuity and fornication (which lead to many societal ills) especially among the young?  I’m not a social scientist, but it seems these realities are ignored by the researchers, as if sexual assault were the only possible problem.

Posted by Intomorrow  on  02/18  at  06:28 PM

Henry, men are so rebellious, the laws do more harm than good.
You don’t want to tilt at windmills the rest of your life, do you?

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