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A Perfect (Robotic) Woman

November 19, 2009

Although the results are not yet entirely convincing, it seems clear that a leading commercial application for personal robots will be as “companions” and/or sex toys.


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Posted by Paul Shin  on  11/19  at  01:44 PM

Is she from Stepford?

Posted by Eric Tatro  on  11/19  at  02:00 PM

I believe this is viral ad for Philips? From the Web site re-direct, I'm guessing this must have been a French campaign.

Even though that's a real woman playing a robot, she still falls into that creepy uncanny valley. Yikes.

Posted by ee. dorn  on  11/19  at  04:20 PM

The need and desire for domestic management, maintenance, and general "wifery" certainly is not gender specific. On the other hand (heh heh), a sexual preference for a replicant over ones' own human counterpart must be an adolescent fantasy of the sexually repressed male. Rank and file, half (left) brained shimmy!

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