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Islam and the Problem of Street Children in Mali

Leo Igwe

Butterflies and Wheels

April 04, 2012

Children are the future of any society. Whatever jeopardizes the future of children endangers the future of the society. The authorities in Mali must strive and eradicate the problem of the street children and the madrassa school system that fuels, aids and abets it .


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Posted by Pastor_Alex  on  04/04  at  04:10 PM

Unfortunately it is not just an Islamic problem. I agree that schools need to be carefully regulated to be sure they are fulfilling their responsibility to the community. As you say, an educated youth is the best hope for the future.

Posted by Peter Wicks  on  04/05  at  03:37 AM

Alex is right of course: this is not just an Islamic problem. But the following got up and hit me: “And because the issue is connected with Islam, many people were slow and careful in condemning it for fear of being portrayed as a critic or enemy of Islam.” Religion is all too often a vehicle for the kind of excessive in-group loyalty that shuts out dissent and allows atrocities to go unnoticed, and unpunished.

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The IEET is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in the State of Connecticut in the United States.

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