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Should Sugar be a Controlled Substance?

Carol Lloyd

April 21, 2012

News that some scientists were recommending that sugar be treated like a controlled substance had my two children jumping off the walls.


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Posted by Pastor_Alex  on  04/21  at  06:11 PM

Sugar is definitely an issue. It isn’t the sweetness as such, but the processed form that we add that gives the sugar rush, then crash. More natural and complex sweeteners like maple syrup or honey hit the system slower and don’t cause the same rush.

As for controlling it. I can see suggestions about controlling the amount of sugar in processed foods like cereals and other foods that are supposed to be nutritious rather than junk snacks.

On the other side, the last thing we need is more regulation that won’t be enforced.

Posted by Giulio Prisco  on  04/24  at  02:25 AM

I never liked sugar much. I drink coffee without sugar and I don’t like sweet drinks. Sometimes I eat chocolate and cakes if they are on the table, but I don’t miss them if they aren’t. I think I can live without sugar.

But I pledge to start eating tons of sugar, and to encourage others to do the same, if the authorities start controlling sugar. Big Brother must learn to stay the fuck out of our lives, and I prefer dying of diabetes and liver damage than dying of boredom and frustration under a nanny-state.

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The IEET is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered in the State of Connecticut in the United States.

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