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#5 Nudity Is Healthy for Brains and Bodies

Hank Pellissier

Ethical Technology

December 27, 2012

Is clothing crushing us? Are we trapped in tomb-like textiles, exiling our flesh from experiencing the environment? Are we atrophying our epidermis, our senses, our neuro-intelligence?


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Posted by Intomorrow  on  12/27  at  08:01 PM

Only thing I don’t like is the denial that nudity can and does have a sexual aspect; nudists are coy about it: if you read a brochure from a nudist resort they often make it sound as something out of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm,

“healthy natural outdoor sunshine fresh air breeze-blowing Vitamin D clothing optional [stark naked-like nude].......”;

as if the guys go there merely for the suntan or something.

Posted by senju  on  12/28  at  03:32 AM

I current reading Hank’s Invent Utopia Now book. This article was also in there! I really did not need to buy the book since I can get his articles here for free but I thought I would support his writing! grin

Posted by Matthew  on  12/28  at  12:30 PM

I like clothes.

When I was younger, I liked clothing even more (because I looked good in it - working to correct the loss of that ability now).


I don’t think I want to look at a bunch of naked people. Most of them are so hard to look at.

If everyone looked like the group I hung out with when I was in my 20s, then I wouldn’t have as much problem with nudity.

But even IF everyone looked as good as we did, I would still like clothing. It helps to improve upon image.

And being healthy in a world full of ugly does one little good.

Posted by infiniversal  on  12/28  at  03:47 PM

To Intomorrow,I find it interesting that so many people who are not nudists think that nudism is about sex. And yet THEIR the ones who keep bringing up the subject of sex,not the nudists! The truth is,nudism is no more about sex than clothed society is.

Posted by Intomorrow  on  12/28  at  06:04 PM

Nothing wrong, as far as is known, with nudity. It’s only that when a brochure for a clothing optional resort says there’s nothing sexual involved they are attempting to hide the obvious; saying there’s notning sexual involved with clients displaying their genitals in public and so forth is in fact stretching the facts a bit. Now for women there may be little sexuality involved in nudity—yet in general one might safely write such is not the case with men.
Main risk is that for some, for many, boredom sets in and a guy wants to steal away from the maddening nude crowd to read a book about violence and other good clean wholesome American activities.

Posted by Michael Bone  on  12/29  at  03:10 PM

One could argue that combating misanthropic and judgmental attitudes like Matthew’s would be sufficient reason to prescribe more nudism.

Posted by GamerFromJump  on  01/02  at  08:52 AM

This is rather temperate-centric. For instance, I am now in Taiyuan, China. It is 9F out. -4F with the windchill. Feel free to come take a stroll.

Clothing is a technology that allows us to operate outside of tropical climes.

Posted by Valkyrie Ice  on  01/25  at  05:05 AM

As a succubus, I freely admit that once I have the body I desire, I will quite naturally want to show it off. I’ve also discussed this article before over on H+.

Simply put, once we’ve acquired the ability to enable everyone to look as they desire, and can re-engineer the human body to render it immune to environmental hazards, I fully expect clothes to become 100% decoration. And in a society in which everyone is a porno model, I truly doubt we’re going to remain the prudes we are now.

Posted by Intomorrow  on  01/25  at  11:56 PM

“Intomorrow: As someone who has visited nudist resorts all my life, I can assure you that the sexual aspects are totally in your mind, the results of cultural and societal indoctrination (“brainwashing”), driving many aspects of of capitalistic society. One evidence that you are wrong: among families who have grown up in the naturist lifestyle, you do not observe teenage boys walking around with erections. In fact it is only the ‘newbies’ who exhibit them, and then only for a short time.”

You wont see erections on the women, that is for sure.
But to think nudist locations ae 100 percent lacking in sexuality is a stretch. Perhaps 99.9—but not 100%.

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