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Diffusing the ‘Doomsday’ Argument and Other Futuristic Boogeymen

Stefan Pernar

Rational Morality

August 23, 2013

It is a long-standing trend in futurists circles to paint the future as bleak and dangerous as possible with only a handful of elite ‘rationalists’ able to even understand, let alone adequately address the problem. In this tradition there exist a number of more or less well-known, more or less scary as well as more or less publicised concepts that all have a number of characteristics in common.


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Posted by dobermanmac  on  08/23  at  02:27 PM

Wow, those are some pretty exotic doomsday “arguments.”  Maybe that is why they seem to me to be spacious and reaching for straws (to prevent drowning in optimism about the future?).  To me the biggest worry is the lack of other civilizations in the stars, but maybe we simply can’t perceive them yet.  It seems even more spacious and reaching for straws to argue we are the first to come awake and reach for the Singularity in this universe.

Posted by SHaGGGz  on  08/23  at  09:24 PM

One can reject moral realism and still find moral statements informative, or, at least, not meaningless.

Posted by hankpellissier  on  08/24  at  11:29 AM

Hi Stefan—it is great to see you back at IEET and this is an excellent essay.

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