Hughes, Dvorsky, deGrey, Goertzel, Vita-More, Lin and Naam @ H+ Summit June 12-13, 2010
Cambridge, MA

H+ Summit: The Rise Of The Citizen Scientist

June 12-13, 2010, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

The H+ Summit is a two day event that explores how humanity will be radically changed by technology in the near future. Visionary speakers will explore the potential of technology to modify your body, mind, life, and world.

What will it mean to be a human in this next phase of technological development? How can we prepare now for coming changes?

We foresee the feasibility of redesigning the human condition and overcoming such constraints as the inevitability of aging, limitations on human and artificial intellects, unchosen psychology, lack of resources, and our confinement to the planet Earth. The possibilities are broad and exciting. The H+ Summit will provide a venue to discuss these future scenarios and to hear exciting presentations by the leaders of the ongoing H+ (r)evolution.

Speakers will include IEET’s George Dvorsky and James Hughes


Dr. Hughes will speak on “The Problems of Transhumanism Are Problems of the Enlightenment”

Transhumanism is part of the family of Enlightenment philosophies.  As such transhumanism has also inherited the internal tensions and contradictions of the broad Enlightenment tradition. From the beginning thinkers and movements have interpreted core Enlightenment values of reason, secularism, self-determination, progress, universalism and individualism in radically different ways. It is essential that transhumanists understand how our internal divisions and arguments are playing these three hundred year old debates so that we can avoid old mistakes and dead ends.