Eurosymposium on Healthy Aging September 29-1, 2016
Brussels, Belgium

The Eurosymposium on Healthy Ageing (EHA) is a biannual conference organized for the first time in 2012. This meeting will highlight the cutting-edge of knowledge in the field of biogerontology and provide a unique opportunity for researchers, government officials, biotech executives, and advocates from around the world to meet, network, and forge new scientific collaborations.


Heales vzw (, Healthy Life Extension Society) is a European non-governmental association promoting and advocating scientific research into longevity and biogerontology. We are a group of biologists, biochemists, medical doctors and diverse other professions throughout Europe.

Conference organizing team

Sven Bulterijs (
Didier Coeurnelle
Edouard Debonneuil
Victor Björk
Kris Verburgh
Alexander Tietz