HLAI: The Joint Multi-Conference on Human-Level Artificial Intelligence 2016 July 16-19, 2016
The New School in New York City

HLAI 2016, held at The New School in New York City on July 16-19, 2016, is a joint effort between the major conferences and academic events explicitly targeting work towards the computational (re-)creation of human-level intelligence, i.e., human-level (or strong) Artificial Intelligence.

HLAI 2016 will feature several keynotes by leading thinkers from different fields relating to human-level AI research. An always up-to-date list of names and abstracts can be found here.

The following further information concerning HLAI 2016 is available from this webpage:
- An overview of the idea(s) behind HLAI 2016 (Why now? Why here?) can be found here.
- Links to the respective individual events joining HLAI 2016 are available here.
- A (evergrowing) list of people actively supporting HLAI 2016 and contributing to making HLAI 2016 a success is located here.
- The (frequently updated) schedule of HLAI 2016 is available here.
- General information on the HLAI 2016 Doctoral Consortium is available here. The Schedule and Overview of the HLAI 2016 Doctoral Consortium can be found here.
- Information on the HLAI 2016 Demo Session as well as the Call for Participation for the Demo Session are available here.