Vita-More @ Alcor Conference October 9-11, 2015
Scottsdale, AZ USA

ALCOR Conference 2015: 9-11, October, 2015: Arizona, Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center

A once-in-three-years opportunity to meet and talk with over 200 people involved in cryonics and life extension. Among the sessions:

• New approaches to eliminating fracturing, by Robert McIntyre of 21st Century Medicine, Mark Voelker, and others.
• New medication protocols to improve biological viability prior to cryopreservation based on research at Advanced Neural Biosciences.
• A presentation by Natasha Vita-More on her research on “Persistence of Long-Term Memory of Vitrified and Revived C. elegans.”
• The latest findings from Alcor’s CT-scanning project of neuropatients.
• Greg Fahy on “Transforming Complex System Cryoprotection, Starting this Year”.
• Other research-focused sessions with Brian Wowk of 21st Century Medicine, Steve Harris of Critical Care Medicine, a representative from the Organ Preservation Alliance, and Chana Phaedra on “Recent Advances at Advanced Neural Biosciences”.
• How to more effectively communicate why cryonics and radical life extension are feasible and desirable: A roundtable discussion by David Kekich, Joe Polish, Jim Strole, Max More, John Bevens, ending with a take-away action pack.
• How Alcor works with hospitals and hospices from Chrissy Bird, Executive Director, Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care of Arizona, Aaron Drake, Alcor’s Medical Response Director, and Catherine Baldwin, Chief Operating Officer Suspended Animation.
• Alcor President Max More on Cryonics Myths, and on Advances in Cryonics at Alcor.
• Conference introduction by the Mayor of Scottsdale, Jim Lane.

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