Technology, Policy & Ethics Lecture Series: Ethics for Software/App Design March 5, 2015
Santa Clara University

Software apps are shaping the 21st century world. And when ethics is missing, app developers suffer blowback from users, media critics, industry leaders, and regulators. Think of Uber’s GodView tool that tracks users without their permission, to Facebook’s Year-in-Review app clumsily celebrating deeply personal and tragic events in users’ lives, to Snapchat’s sluggish response to data security lapses—and too many other examples. Ethics is hard, and today’s app developers must confront dizzying trade-offs among competing values, such as privacy, security, transparency, control, usability, cost and quality of user experience. In her talk, Prof. Vallor will outline the emerging ethical issues in app development, and explain how practical judgment—with the right training—can help app developers safely navigate this rocky terrain.