Siegel @ Buddhist Geeks Conference October 16-18, 2014
Boulder, Colorado


The Buddhist Geeks Conference is one of the only events on the planet where you can participate at the intersection of Buddhism, technology, and global culture. The conference brings together preeminent leaders in the fields of Buddhism, Technology, Philosophy, Education, Business, Science, Politics, and more, to explore Buddhism in the 21st century.

While planning the first conference, which took place in Los Angeles in July 2011, we realized that we wanted to curate an event that had a completely fresh and innovative format, in which we could explore new topics with enthusiasm. And it worked. And we knew it worked because participants left thrilled and exhilarated with feedback saying this like:

“The inaugural conference had incredible energy: the energy of potent potential. It’s like being a kid: your whole life is still ahead of you.”

“After spending over 35 years in the business world and often attending various conferences, I’d say the Buddhist Geeks Conference was once of best I’ve ever attended as far as flow, organization, welcoming feeling, motivation, etc.”

“Stunned, floored, amazed by how wonderful it was especially for a first-time event.”

Exploring the Convergence of Buddhism, Technology and Culture

The fourth annual Buddhist Geeks Conference will take place October 16th – 19th, 2014 in beautiful Boulder, Colorado at the Millennium Harvest House hotel and will include all the key elements from the previous three years: Keynotes, Live talks, Unplugged sessions, #openpractice, and Roundtables. We’re also adding some surprising, new features too including a Buddhist Geeks Reception and an extra day of geeky talks and explorations, and a 24/7 #openpractice room to get your practice on throughout the conference, whenever you like.

Because we value the depth and intimacy that happens between people at the conference, we decided to keep our event the same size as last year – roughly 300 people. That’s really what the Buddhist Geeks Conference is all about, meeting other Buddhist Geeks face-to-face, to connect, dialogue and practice with the intention of co-creating a new kind of practice community.

The Format

  • Keynote Addresses | Opening & closing addresses.
  • BG Live Talks | Power-packed Ted-style presentations.
  • BG Roundtables | Stimulating and provocative panels on the key conference themes.
  • BG Unplugged | Open space or unconference spaces where you curate the conversations you want to have.
  • #OpenPractice | Facilitated practice workshops and a 24/7 open practice space for you to use anytime.
  • BG Reception | A Buddhist Geeks reception during registration to meet and greet your fellow geeks before we begin the event.