Goertzel @ Exponential Future Symposium May 9, 2015
Hong Kong

Exponential Future Symposium

May 9, 2015, 2:30 pm
13th Floor, Innovation Tower, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom


For most people the XXI century seems to be the beginning of an Age of Prosperity. Humanity is entering an era of massive global changes, connected with the development of exponential technologies, which bring their influence to all spheres of science and technology. Over past 15 years there have been more more scientific discoveries than over the previous Millennium. Exponential technologies are defined by an exponential growth curve and promise to lead to a radical transformation of the world order in the not too distant future.

The main topic of the Exponential Future Symposium is the development of exponential technologies (especially AI and Anti-Aging technologies), and the associated rewards and risks including potential existential risks.

The consequences of scientific progress are unpredictable and can carry both positive and negative impact. The appearance of new technologies changes social, political and economic situation and, for instance, can cause global unemployment and disappearance of familiar social dynamics. None of us can know what is to come, but we can work together to maximize the odds of a future that is beneficial for humans and other sentient beings.
2:30 PM Registration
3:00 PM
Graham Leach:
Introduction to Poly U School of Design and MET Program, Introduction to Conference
3:15 PM
Alex Turchin:
Roadmaps for the Future
Dynamic roadmaps of exponential technologies development. Roadmap to achieve personal immortality. Global risk prevention roadmap. AGI safety solutions roadmap.
3:40 PM
Ben Goertzel:
Artificial General Intelligence and its Applications and Implications.
The OpenCog AGI project. Practical applications of proto-AGI technology in the near term; examples drawn from current initiatives: genomics and longevity biology, investment management, telehealth, robotics, game AI. Medium-term implications of AGI:Singularity, transformation of human society. Importance of international and open-source development of AGI and other transformative technologies.
4:05 PM
Han the Robot, from Hanson Robotics:
Demonstration of the World’s Leading Facial Robotics Technology, brought to you by Hanson Robotics
4:20 PM
Mark Tilden
The Past, Present and Future of Biomorphic Robotics
4:45 PM Break
5:05 PM
Andrew Garazha
Latest trends and breakthroughs in high-performance parallel computations based on CUDA NVIDIA for machine and deep learning. Practical applications for drug repurposing and anti-aging (InSilico Medicine)
5:30 PM
Dmitry Kaminskiy
Deep Knowledge Systems Introduction
Investments in disruptive exponential technologies, robotic member of board of directors VITAL — autonomous expert system to analyze and predict biotech industry, Portfolio Companies, Mission and Noncommercial activities.
6:00 PM
Turchin & Kaminskiy
Exponential era
Exponential technologies. Exponentials and existential risks. Exponential Technologies Institute. Worldwide smart collaborative IT-platform ExpTech with dynamic roadmaps of exponential technologies development, elements of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and modelling. Exponential Technologies Institute community.
6:45 PM Net-working
Mark TildenMark Tilden Mark W. Tilden is a robotics physicist and entrepreneur, whose unique technology produces complex robotic movements from simple analog logic circuits, often with discrete electronic components, and usually without a microprocessor. He is known for his early robotics work at NASA, his invention of BEAM robotics and the WowWee Robosapien humanoid robot which has been immensely commercially successful
Han the Robot, Hanson RoboticsHan the Robot, Hanson Robotics Han is one in a series of fantastically realistic humanoid robots from the lab of David Hanson’s firm Hanson Robotics. He features Hanson’s patented nanotech-based Frubber robot skin and unprecedentedly expressive facial movements
Alex TurchinAlex Turchin Futurologist, author of roadmap to achieve personal immortality, global risk prevention roadmap, AGI safety solutions roadmap.
Andrew GarazhaAndrew Garazha Chief Technology Officer Cyber Future
Dmitry KaminskiyDmitry Kaminskiy Senior partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures.
Ben Goertzel Ben Goertzel Chief Scientist of financial prediction firm Aidyia Holdings; Chairman of AI software company Novamente LLC and bioinformatics company Biomind LLC; Chairman of the Artificial General Intelligence Society and the OpenCog Foundation; Vice Chairman of futurist nonprofit Humanity+; Scientific Advisor of biopharma firm Genescient Corp.; Advisor to the Singularity University and Singularity Institute; Research Professor in the Fujian Key Lab for Brain-Like Intelligent Systems at Xiamen University, China; and general Chair of the Artificial General Intelligence conference series.
Graham LeachGraham Leach Hong Kong Polytechnic University lecturer, Senior Vice President Brown Capital Partners.
Biogerontology research foundation (BGRF) The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU or HKPU) is a public university located in Hung Hom, Hong Kong. PolyU has an international faculty and student community and has developed a global network with more than 440 institutions in 47 countries and regions. PolyU offers 220 postgraduate, undergraduate and sub-degree programmes for more than 32,000 students every year.
Biogerontology research foundation (BGRF) The BGRF has been constituted as a charity in the UK to support the application of our knowledge of the mechanisms of ageing to the relief of disability, suffering and disease in old age.
School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University The School has over 1400 students and is the only government-funded institution offering design education from undergraduate to doctoral levels in Hong Kong.
Biogerontology research foundation (BGRF) The real brain behind Deep Knowledge Ventures is a company called CyberFuture, which occupies the space where Big Data and AI meet, developing robotic BigData analytical investment systems. The company’s flagship project is called VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences), deals with forecasting and investment analysis in the biotechnology industry. And while at the current stage VITAL is being used as an in-house analytical system, it has already begun this year to function as a global platform for a variety of external users within the biotech space, including scientists, students, professionals and others.
Deep Knowledge Ventures Deep Knowledge Ventures is a Hong Kong based investment fund focusing on new disruptive exponential technologies. We are interested in giving birth to new industries and investing in exponentially growing areas (among them are Personalized medicine, Anti-aging, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Aerospace). Such companies as Insilico Medicine and Pathway Pharmaceuticals are among our investments. DKV is also a business incubator and accelerator for all its portfolio companies and projects, creating an effective, integrated ecosystem, in which they receive multi-faceted support and derive significant synergies.
Exponential Technologies Institute Exponential Technologies Institute (ExpTech) is an international research institute of exponential technologies, focusing on applied research of related opportunities and risks. Exponential technologies are defined by an exponential growth curve and lead to a radical transformation of the world order in the future. The EXPTECH uniqueness is based on investigation of different opportunities, which appear with exponential technologies development, balanced valuation of potential exponential and existential risks and prevention of negative consequences of exponential technologies development. EXPONENTIAL TECHNOLOGIES INSTITUTE aims to specify, predict and model the optimal ways of whole Humanity development.
Hong Kong
May 9, 2:30 pm

13th Floor, Innovation Tower,

Hong Kong Polytechnic University



Exponential Future Simposium 2015