Kristi Scott @ Visions of the Human in Cyberculture, Cyberspace and Science Fiction July 1-4, 2008
Oxford UK

Tuesday 1st July - Thursday 3rd July 2008

Mansfield College, Oxford
United Kingdom


Contact name: Dr Rob Fisher

* the relationship between cyberculture, cyberspace, science fiction and the Machinima phenomenon
* science fiction and cyberpunk as a medium for exploring the nature of persons
* humans and cyborgs; the synergy of humans and technology; changing views of the body
* human and post-human politics; cyborg
citizenship and rights; influence of political technologies
* bodies in cyberculture; from apes to androids - electronic evolution; biotechnical advances and the impact of life, death, and social existence; the impact on individuality
* gender and cyberspace: new feminisms, new masculinities
* electronic persons, community and identity; cyberspace, cybercommunities, virtual worlds, and home worlds
* nature, enhancing nature, and artificial intelligence; artificial life, life and information systems, networked living
* cyberpolitics, cyberdemocracy, cyberterror; old conflicts, new spaces: elections, protest and war in cyberspace; nationality and nationalism in cyberculture; the state and cyberspace: repression vs. resistance
* cyberpolitics, cybercultures and Serious Games (Documentary CGs)
* cybercultures: the transnational and the local
* boundaries, frontiers and taboos in cyberculture
* cyberculture and orientalism
* religion and spirituality in cyberculture, science fiction and cyberpunk
* old messages, new medium: cyberspace and mass communication
* cyberculture, cyberpunk and the near future:
utopias vs. dystopias
* technology vs. the natural: cyberculture and the green movement
* the cultures of computer gaming