New Worlds 2015 October 16-17, 2015
Austin TX USA

New Worlds 2015 is the first comprehensive gathering of the people, companies and institutions that will open space to human development and settlement. New Worlds 2015 will include academic sessions, interactive discussions and business presentations, blended with education, and the art, vision and the culture of the New Frontier. The speaker list includes Dallas Bienhoff (Manager for Boeing Space Exploration), Don Davis (Emmy winning Space Artist), Jeff Greason (President of XCOR Aerospace), Maria Konovalenko (Life extension expert), Dr. John S. Lewis (World’s top expert on asteroid geology), Alexander MacDonald (Expert in the economic history of space exploration), Rick Tumlinson (Founder of the Space Frontier Foundation and chairman of Deep Space Industries) and many more notable experts, entrepreneurs and artis. Register here now. For more information on venue and schedule see here.