Hughes, LaGrandeur @ Posthumanism and Society May 9, 2015

In collaboration with the New York Posthuman Research Group
we are delighted to announce the first Glocal Symposium,
to be held at New York University (NYC) on May 8th 2015

In contemporary scholarship, “posthuman” has emerged as a key term in the effort to redefine the human in light of multiple and profound impacts of twentieth and twenty-first century social, philosophical and technological trends.

On one hand, the biotechnological possibility of human enhancement, the growing significance of virtuality as an extension of the self, the scientific and cultural expectations of space migration have raised crucial questions which require the input of society as a whole.

On the other hand, the cumulative impact of anthropocentrism has become so massive that geologists have dubbed the present era the “Anthropocene” since human actions have had a profound systemic affect, leading to an ecological point of no return.

The New York Posthuman Research Group invites multiple perspectives to converge on these and related questions.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Rosi Braidotti
Connecting live from the University of Utrecht (Holland)

There will be parallel events in different International Universities around the world.

*Glocal: The survival of local specificities in a globalized world.


We invite abstracts of up to 150 words and a short bio, to be sent to: