LaTorra, Pellissier @ Religion and Transhumanism - the future of faith, ethics, and philosophy May 10, 2014
Piedmont, CA USA

IEET is sponsoring a conference on “RELIGION AND TRANSHUMANISM” on May 10, 2014. The event will take place in the San Francisco East Bay.

The Mormon Transhumanist Association is also sponsoring.

Mike LaTorra - IEET Director - will be speaking at the conference.

This unique discussion will include speakers from multiple religious backgrounds, plus
there’s an atheist speaker. Faiths represented are Wicca, Islam, Catholics, Lutherans,
Seventh Day Adventists, Urantia, Terasem, Mormons, and others.

Delicious North Indian food will be available, home-style and halal.

for more information on the event, with a link to EventBrite where you can purchase a ticket,
click here:

The event will be held in Piedmont Veteran’s Hall, 401 Highland Avenue,