Siegel @ Transformative Technology Conference October 2-4, 2015
Sofia University, Palo Alto CA, USA

Transformative Technology is at the intersection of technology and wellbeing/meditation/consciousness. The conference will include visionary speakers, a technology exhibition, and, most notably, a big focus on alternative un-conference style small group interactions.  We are deeply interested in building the TT community, and seeing actionable ideas, collaborations and ultimately a new industry emerge from the connections made at this event.

The conference will include short ted style talks, un-conference style break-out sessions, and a mini-summit where we will explore and establish the core questions of this emerging space.

We’ve put together a pretty bad-ass line-up.  Just to name a few:

Ariel Garten - CEO of Interaxon
Tim Chang - Mayfield Fund
Jamie Wheal - Flow Genome Project
Judson Brewer - Director of Research, Center for Mindfulness at UMass
Deborah Rozman - CEO HeartMath
Neema Moraveji - CEO Spire

and a bunch more…  Check em out:

The conference will begin with a mini-summit which aims to explore and establish the core questions defining this space.  This comes from the recognition that a prerequisite to solving problems, is knowing what the problems are.  This will be an open and collaborative process.  Working in small groups, we will explore four core topics: definitions, outcomes, methods, and ethics.  The goal will be a working document defining 3-5 core questions for each of these topic areas.  These questions will act as a means of defining the territory of Transformative Technology, which recognizing that there is still much to learn.

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