Sorgner @ Future Laboratory Music January 27, 2018
Future Laboratory Music, Stuttgart

EET Fellow Professor Stefan Lorenz Sorgner was invited to discussing the “Total Work of Art, Posthuman Music, and the Future of the Arts” with the ground-breaking contemporary composer Sven Helbig at the Future Laboratory Music in Stuttgart. It is a massive public event concerning all aspects of innovative types of music organized by the city of Stuttgart. Sven Helbig is known for his musical creations which lie outside of traditional musical boundaries, as he has successfully cooperated with the Pet Shop Boys and Rammstein, but he has also created works which can count as musical dramas or symphonies.

The discussion will take place on the 27th of January in Stuttgart:

A day before this event, Sven Helbig and Stefan Lorenz Sorgner will discuss related philosophical issues in a more intimate setting at the Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts in Stuttgart: