Sorgner @ PHIL.COLOGNE 2018 June 9, 2018
Wallrafplatz, Cologne

“God is dead!” This is the most famous three-word sentence in the history of philosophy. Its author, Friedrich Nietzsche, fascinates to this day - and at the same time deters. He is considered the great shatterer of values, of Western morality, he wanted to move beyond good and evil and regarded the hammer as his favorite tool in philosophizing. His opponents point out that Nietzsche’s reflections on the “superman” and the “will to power” are elitist and anti-democratic, that the Nazis have mentally paved the way. His admirers inspired his radical life affirmation. What are we going to do with Nietzsche today? With Andreas Urs Sommer (Nietzsche Researcher), Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (Transhumanist), Saskia Wendel(Religious philosopher), Peter Zudeick (satirist and philosopher), Slammer Quichotte and pianist Mike Herting . It reads: Alexander Khuon .