Sorgner @ TranshumaNietzsche (Lecture and debate) February 27, 2015
Collegezalencomplex Radboud University, Mercatorpad 1, Nijmegen

From animal to human, from human to √úbermensch. That is the evolution we should achieve according to Nietzsche - and according to modern-day transhumanists too.

  • Nietzsche’s concept of the Übermensch is as notorious as it is famous. The Nazis used it to label people as valuable or worthless. Nietzsche would never have approved. For him, the Übermensch is the next step in human development.

    Nietzsche’s Übermensch is often seen as the first transhuman. Today, the ideal of the transhuman, who transcends human flaws like mortality and corporeality, seems within reach. Unfortunately, the technological advances making this superhuman possible are fraught with ethical issues.

    Philosopher, transhumanist and Nietzsche expert Stefan Lorenz Sorgner will give a lecture on the Übermensch in Nietzsche’s philosophy. Sorgner is director of the Beyond Humanism Network and works at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and the University of Erfurt.

    After his lecture, Sorgner will enter into discussion with the audience. Was Nietzsche indeed the first transhumanist? And can Nietzsche’s philosophy enlighten us on transhumanism?

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