TransVision 2017 November 9-11, 2017
Royal Opera of Brussels

TransVision 2017, an international conference on November 9-10-11, 2017 in Brussels about the state of the transhumanist movement in Europe and in the world. On this occasion, the French Transhumanist Association - Technoprog, would like, in partnership with Humanity+, IEET, London Futurists and many other organizations, to invite representatives of all transhumanist or related organizations who wish to come and meet for three days of discussions. We will share our information, take stock of the state of the transhumanist movement in our respective countries, share our experiences and reflect on the relevance and possibility of joint action. Is it desirable to structure a transhumanism at European level? What are the connections at the global level? What lessons can we draw from the first political commitments and should we pursue them? Is there a minimum consensus for a technoprogressivist perspective? What should be the priorities for transhumanist action?

The symposium will be organized in the beautiful premises of the Grand Café Muntpunt, adjacent to the Royal Opera of Brussels, right in the center of the European capital (nb : maximum capacity = 80 seats ).

The three days will be organized as follows:
- Day 1 = Assessment: an account of the situation and the evolution of the movement and transhumanist thought in various countries of Europe and the World
- 2nd day = Prospects: working time on what we think to do, together or separately
- 3rd day = Syntheses, External analysis of the movement

NB: Participation in the first two days will be reserved for the members of the invited organizations. Only the third day will be open to the public and the press.

In 2009, a small meeting was organized in Milan, bringing together a dozen representatives of some European transhumanist associations. Present were Italian, French, Belgian, British, German, Swedish, and Croatian people, an American living in Italy and, by Skype, Danyla had been able to join us. The participants explained how transhumanism was received in their country, how many people were involved, any opportunities or difficulties, and the expected outlook. Some prospects for joint action had been envisaged. A European mailing list was set up, but most of these projects fizzled out. Perhaps because of the additional difficulty of agreeing across cultures, especially because of the lack of people available to deal with international relations, each participant chose to give priority to the development of the movement in their cultural or linguistic area. Almost ten years later, where are we?

We feel it is time to again discuss our work and experiences as transhumanists. Such a meeting should be an opportunity to share our know-how. In addition, we can learn twice from other organizations and other activists: we can learn about them and we can learn about ourselves, make comparisons with the difficulties encountered by others and the practices put in place to deal with them, and inform ourselves about the reality of our own difficulties and our own practices.
Beyond the collective assessment, the question will have to be posed of what we might have an interest in achieving together. Is there an interest in structuring the movement on a European scale? How to articulate regional, national and international scales? How do we view our relationships with structures like Humanity+?
For those for whom the European level is relevant, what kind of tool would it be interesting to develop? (Regular European meetings, common online tools ...)
For those for whom the European level is not relevant, what alternatives can be proposed to restore international momentum?