Anderson, Pellissier @ Transhuman Superpowers and Longevity Conference July 12, 2015
Oakland, CA

The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology is co-sponsoring a conference in San Francisco’s East Bay, at Humanist Hall in Oakland, on July 12.

The event is called “Transhuman Superpowers and Longevity”

The primary sponsor is Brighter Brains Institute, which has produced ten transhuman-themed conferences in the last two years.

Ticket prices are only $20-$25. Dinner will be available for another $5-$10.

Tickets are on Sale at EventBrite

Complete description of the Event is HERE

Speakers at the event include:

• Elizabeth Parrish, from BioViva in Seattle
• Gabriel Licina, biohacker from Science for the Masses in Southern California
• Brian Hanley, from Butterfly Sciences in Davis
• Mallory E. McLaren, J.D., discussing “Mainstreaming Longevity/Resilience Biotechnology”
• R U Sirius, co-editor of Transcendence: The Disinformation Guide of Transhumanism and the Singularity
• Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist Party candidate for President, author of The Transhumanist Wager
• Jay Cornell, co-editor (with RU Sirius) of Transcendence: Disinformation Encyclopedia of Transhumanism and the Singularity
• Nicole Sallak Anderson, author of eHuman Dawn, Advisory Board Member of IEET
• Hank Pellissier, managing director of IEET and