Posthuman and Transhuman Bodies in Religion and Spirituality Panel October 28, 2016
Harvard University

This promising panel will be presented at the Conference “Ways of Knowing”, to be held at the Divinity School of Harvard University (27-29 October 2016). Many of the speakers are related to our NY Posthuman Research Group; the respondent is Natasha Vita-More, one of the historical founders of the Transhumanist movement. Speakers: Francesca Ferrando (NYU) “The next Symbolic Paradigm Shift: Posthuman Bodies, Religion and Symbolism; Jim Mc Bride (NYU), Robotic Bodies and the Kairos of Soulless Theologies; Melanie Swan (The New School for Social Research) “The Poetic Prosthetic”. Respondent: Natasha Vita-More (University of Advancing Technology) “Body Brain Mind”