Longer, Better Lives Program
Twenty extra years of healthy life are just as valuable in someone's second century of life as in their first. With the Longer, Better Lives program we seek to make the case for longer healthier lives, addressing objections to life extension, from the alleged problem of overpopulation to the threat of ennui. We are coordinating and seeking consultation with senior citizens groups and organizations of the disabled to help them challenge ageist and ableist attitudes that discourage the full utilization of health technology.

IEET Longer, Better Lives News

Longevity DividendLongevity Dividend List
Promoting research into and access to technologies for healthy longevity

Key Longevity Links Longevity Dividend Statement, the Longevity Dividend article in The Scientist (March 2006)

Immortality Institute An international network of people working on radical life extension.

Methusaleh Mouse Project An annual prize for the team that has made a mouse live the longest, directed by IEET Fellow Aubrey de Grey.

InfoAging.org A site sponsored by the American Federation for Aging Research, providing comprehensive information about aging from a mainstream scientific point of view.

Alliance for Aging Research

UN Programme on Ageing

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