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Episode #54 - Sebo on the Moral Problem of Other Minds Philosophical Disquisitions Podcast

In this episode I talk to Jeff Sebo. Jeff is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Affiliated Professor of Bioethics, Medical Ethics, and Philosophy, and Director of the Animal Studies M.A. Program at New York University.  Jeff’s research focuses on bioethics, animal ethics, and environmental ethics. He has two co-authored books Chimpanzee Rights and Food, Animals, and the Environment. We talk about something Jeff calls the ‘moral problem of other minds’, which is roughly the problem of what we should to...

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Episode #51 - Moen on the Unabomber’s Ethics Philosophical Disquisitions Podcast

In this episode I talk to Ole Martin Moen. Ole Martin is a Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Oslo. He works on how to think straight about thorny issues in applied ethics. He is the Principal Investigator of “What should not be bought and sold?”, a $1 million research project funded by the Research Council of Norway. In the past, he has written articles about the ethics of prostitution, the desirability of cryonics, the problem of wild animal suffering and the case for philosophical hedonism. Along with his collaborator,...

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Episode #48 - Gunkel on Robot Rights Philosophical Disquisitions Podcast

In this episode I talk to David Gunkel. David is a repeat guest, having first appeared on the show in Episode 10. David a Professor of Communication Studies at Northern Illinois University. He is a leading scholar in the philosophy of technology, having written extensively about cyborgification, robot rights and responsibilities, remix cultures, new political structures in the information age and much much more. He is the author of several books, including Hacking Cyberspace, The Machine Question, Of Remixology, Gaming the System and, most r...

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Episode #46 - Minerva on the Ethics of Cryonics Philosophical Disquisitions Podcast

In this episode I talk to Francesca Minerva. Francesca is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ghent. Her research focuses on applied philosophy, specifically lookism, conscientious objection, abortion, academic freedom, and cryonics. She has published many articles on these topics in some of the leading academic journals in ethics and philosophy, including the Journal of Medical Ethics, Bioethics, Cambridge Quarterly Review of Ethicsand the Hastings Centre Report. We talk about life, death and the wisdom and ethics of cryonics.

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Aubrey de Grey - Robust Mouse Rejuvenation only 3 years away? An update on Anti-Aging Research

Aubrey de Grey is an author and biomedical gerontologist. He is the Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation and VP of New Technology Discovery at AgeX Therapeutics, Inc. He is editor-in-chief of the academic journal Rejuvenation Research, author of The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging (1999) and co-author of Ending Aging (2007). He is known for his view that medical technology may enable human beings alive today not to die from age-related causes.  He is also an amateur mathematician who has contributed to the st...

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AI, Algorithms and the Post Human Future of Governance Ethics in Action Podcast

IEET’s J. Hughes speaks with Nir Eiskovitz, director of the Center for Applied Ethics at University of Massachusetts Boston, about the impacts of algorithms on governance. How will the rise of AI change state and federal bureaucracies? Are AI mediated politics more democratic? More fair? What does post human governance look like?

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Big Data and Genomics Healthcare Focus

IEET’s J. Hughes joins Corina Paraschiv explore the ramifications of genomic research for our society.

SciencePolicy > Artificial Intelligence
Building artificial people: Endless possibilities and the dark side O'Reilly Media

Supasorn Suwajanakorn discusses the possibilities and the dark side of building artificial people. his is a keynote highlight from the Artificial Intelligence Conference in London 2018.

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#138 - THE EDGE OF HUMANITY A Conversation with Yuval Noah Harari Waking Up Podcast

In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Yuval Noah Harari about his new book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. They discuss the importance of meditation for his intellectual life, the primacy of stories, the need to revise our fundamental assumptions about human civilization, the threats to liberal democracy, a world without work, universal basic income, the virtues of nationalism, the implications of AI and automation, and other topics.

Yuval Noah Harari has a PhD in History from the University of Oxford and ...

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Marcus Hutter - AI progress & public perception Science, Technology & the Future

Marcus Hutter discusses some recent progress in AI, and contrasts this with public perceptions of AI